All Things Possible

At Biblica, we are fully committed to Bible Translation, Access, and Engagement. Watch the above video to learn more about these key elements of our process and how we do what we do.


Rashied Davis Visits R4L in South Africa

Former-NFL wide receiver Rashied Davis visited Reach4Life students in South Africa in 2017. In this video, he reflects on the experience and what God showed him through this trip.

Herr's Ministry Investor Story

Herr's may be a household name in the potato chip industry, but the Herr's legacy is far more than that. In this video, the Herr family talks about what matters most to them about what they are doing.

God At Work in Shankill

For decades, residents of Shankill in Belfast, Northern Ireland became accustomed to hatred, car bombs, terror, assassinations, and guerrilla warfare. Today, years later, God's Word is bringing hope and restoration to this extremely rough place.

New Chichewa Bible Translation

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to work on this exciting Bible translation for the Malawi people.

Three Generations of Perseverance

Watch this video to see how God used the diligence and perseverance of three generations to see the Chichewa Bible translation to fruition!

Howie's Story - A Transformed Life

Howie thought he was a mistake. Then he found a "Free on the Inside" Bible while in a solitary confinement cell. After reading it cover to cover, he realized he was God’s miracle.

Reach4Life Overview

Learn more about how Biblica is helping this crisis in South Africa with the Reach4Life program and Scripture resources for young people.

From Attempted Suicide to Youth Leader

Bheki's story was one of crime, addiction, and attempted suicide—then he was invited to attend Biblica's Reach4Life program where God radically transformed his life. This is his story.

A Life Worth Living

After being born HIV positive, she grew up being taught that her life was worthless—that she'd be better off dead. Then she attended Biblica's Reach4Life program and learned that her true value comes from her Creator.

Other Videos

To Hear Love in All Languages

Listen to 1 Corinthians 13 like you've never heard it before.

Moments Before Killing Missionaries, This Village Received Christ Instead

This incredible story of God at work in a remote Indian tribe will challenge you to be bolder in your walk with Christ. Thank God Mathew had the faith to say what he did when he found himself in what most people would call a "terrifying ordeal."

All Things Possible

At Biblica, we believe that God's Word has the power to make all things possible. Watch the above video to learn more about who we are, where we've been, and where we're going.

Streetlights - I AM the Resurrection (NIV)

Biblica has partnered with Streetlights, a multimedia Bible production team with a heart to get the Word to an often overlooked Unreached People Group- in a way the ‘streets’ understand. For more videos, click here.