Daily Manna for Friday, June 11, 2021

Daily Manna is a daily Bible devotional service provided by Biblica. The Scripture is provided in many forms and is new every day. It is a great way to receive the encouragement and hope found in the Word of God.

Verse of the Day

馬太福音 7:24-27

「所以,凡聽了我的這些話就去行的人,就像聰明人把房子建在磐石上。 任由風吹雨打、洪水沖擊,房子仍屹立不倒,因為它建基在磐石上。 凡聽了我這些話不去行的,就像愚昧人把房子建在沙土上。 遇到風吹雨打、洪水沖擊,房子就倒塌了,而且倒塌得很厲害。」