Translating God’s Word

Biblica has been involved in the work of translating God’s Word for over 200 years!

We funded our first Bible translation in 1810: William Cary’s Bengali Bible for India. And we have been translating Scripture ever since.

Imagine not having God’s Word.

There are still many people in the world who either don’t have a Bible in their language or only have an old, archaic version of Scripture.

That’s why Biblica translates and publishes the full Bible into major spoken languages – so that people all around the world can read and understand God’s Word.

Our distinctive approach to Bible translation

1. Major languages
Our translation effort is prioritized by major, strategic spoken languages so we can maximize the impact of every Bible translation we produce.

2. The whole Bible
Paul told Timothy, “All Scripture is God breathed.” That’s why we translate the whole Bible, starting with the New Testament, then the Old. We also translate study notes whenever possible, so people can better understand the Bible.

3. The best combination of accuracy and readability
Everyone deserves the best translation possible in their language. Our locally based translators start with the original Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic texts. They work as a team, protecting their translation from bias. Each translation is then subjected to rigorous review to ensure maximum accuracy and readability in the target language.

4. Print, digital text, and audio
Our work isn’t done when the translation is finished. We publish our translations, making them available in print, digital, and audio formats. Our top 27 translations have the potential to reach 4 billion people.

Will you join us in providing the Bible for people in a way they can understand? We currently have a number of translation projects underway. With your support, these projects can be completed and lives can be transformed by God’s Word.

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