Biblica’s Digital Toolbox of Paratext Plugins

Biblica is pleased to provide our digital toolbox of Paratext plugins for assisting in Bible translation projects around the world..

Paratext Plugin Manager Plugin (PPM)

One plugin to rule them all! This simple plugin is where you start. Run the installation script on your computer and it installs itself into Paratext. It then makes all plugins in our library available for easy installation. Install, update and delete plugins with ease.

Translation Validation Plugin (TVP)

Having trouble finding errors in your Bible text? Paratext’s built-in validations are good, but they don’t always cut it, especially for sophisticated formats. TVP let’s you build and share checks of any complexity, either using Regex, Javascript, or both. Access the library of built-in checks or create your own. TVP makes it easy.

To use TVP, simply install from the Paratext Plugin Manager on the main menu.

Typesetting Preview Tool (TPT)

Do you have a complex layout and want to see how it is progressing?

Do you need a typeset-quality version of your project that you want to send directly to a publisher or printer?

TPT produces the highest fidelity PDF and In Design files of any Paratext utility.

Install it with PPM and use it just as it is. Biblica will process the images on our servers – no need for an expensive In Design license.* Or, if you would prefer to keep everything on your own servers, contact us. All of this software is Open Source and Biblica is happy to share it at no charge.

* – Simply add the user BiblicaAPI as an Admin on your registered Paratext project

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