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When Biblica was producing our contemporary Farsi Bible in 2020, we consulted more than 800 Iranian believers from 40 different churches and a wide variety of backgrounds. They were thrilled and grateful to be a part of the process and love the new translation. “We never believed that we can sit 8 hours and study the Word of God without a stop, except for some sandwiches,” they said. “We feasted around the Word of God!”  

Despite COVID-related delays, some of these church-based language teams are now working on the Gospel of John in the smaller, related Iranian languages of Luri, Laki, Iranian Arabic, Gilaki, and Bakhtiyari. They are eager for continued training to ensure the highest-quality translation. Our partner in Iran is looking for a window for Biblica to meet face-to-face with the Iranian leaders, when your support will enable us to provide more training. We’re also mapping out additional Scripture resources urgently needed in Farsi that your generosity will bring to life.  

Thank you for your partnership to speed Bible translation by recruiting and training motivated church members to bring the Word to their neighbors! 

Your support helps train church-based groups in Iran for Bible translation!


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