Innovative New Bible Offers Fresh Access to Millions

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Biblica, The International Bible Society, launched the ground-breaking NIrV Accessible Edition yesterday in London, as church and ministry leaders from across the UK gathered at the event in All Souls Church, London. Hosted by Biblica Europe and with contributions from project partners Livability, Torch Trust and Urban Saints, the celebration marked a publishing milestone after three years of extensive planning, research, development and consultation with key stakeholders.  Victoria from Livability shared very personally how this Bible will make a real and lasting impact in her own life and the lives of others, commenting: “God is great, and he is wonderful, and everyone needs to be able to read his word.”

Speaking at the launch, Biblica’s UK Partnerships Manager Becky Miles said, We believe God’s Word is for all, yet for many, reading it is a struggle.  It is a privilege for us to be able to share the story of the NIrV Accessible Edition – through this project we’ve learnt so much, forged new and cherished partnerships, and had our hearts opened to the importance of greater inclusion and access within the Church.”

Keynote speaker, Gavin Calver from Evangelical Alliance shared: “We underestimate what can happen when more people get their hands on the Word of God. The launch of the NIrV Accessible Edition is as significant as translating the Bible into a new language. We’ve got to make sure we go to the edges of society, and engage with people where they are at. Today is a huge step, but let’s keep challenging ourselves and moving forward…we all have a responsibility to play our part and make sure we get God’s Word into everyone’s hands.”

The NIrV Accessible Edition uses Biblica’s NIrV translation and has many unique features including, shorter sentences and simpler language; a specially designed (16pt) font; bespoke illustrations to aid understanding; a single column setting with more white space; simpler navigation; and specially selected paper. Attendees at the event were given a copy of the print edition of the NIrV Accessible Edition New Testament, which will also be complemented by audio and ebook additions to further increase access. Whilst this edition has been developed specifically for those with learning disabilities, moderate sight loss, lower levels of literacy and English as a second language, it can be used by any reader wishing to explore God’s Word. Speaking about this edition, Gordon Temple, CEO of Torch Trust said “The NIrV was an incredible text from which to develop this edition. I’ve never seen a Bible with such readable language, creative design and clear layout.”

This theme was echoed by Pete Winmill from Count Everyone In, part of the development team responsible for the project: “I am passionate about God’s word being in the hands of those that are so often excluded. This is not a Bible for the disabled but a Bible for whoever needs greater accessibility. This is a Bible which I hope will be used in our churches for anyone, whether you are young or old, whether you have a disability or not. The Bible truly is for all.”

The NIrV Accessible Edition New Testament is now available for purchase via the Biblica Europe website and through our distribution partners Ten of Those and will also soon be available through various trade outlets.

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