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God Prepares the Way

Sa’ud from Iraq is studying in London and accepted one of our Arabic Gospels from a partner ministry. He was interested, but his English wasn’t strong, so a team member arranged to meet him again with one of the Arab team members. 

Sa’ud brought a friend to that second meeting, a Kuwaiti student. The team members shared the Gospel, and Sa’ud prayed to receive Christ. Then the Kuwaiti student called some friends to say, “I have a friend here from Egypt, and he wants to share with you good news. I’d like you to hear him.” Not sure what to expect, the team members followed him to Hyde Park, where they found five more students waiting. 

These friends were from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Iraq. While two weren’t interested, the other three listened eagerly to the Gospel presentation. They shared that they had been searching for information about Christianity and wondering if Jesus was the Son of God. They spent an hour and a half asking questions and took the address of a local church with them. 

This was a great opportunity to reach young men from some nations where evangelism is extremely difficult. It’s also a wonderful story of the way God goes before our team members to prepare hearts for the message. And because of generous friends like you, we can give them God’s Word in a language and format they can understand so they can continue to hear God speak to them and take the Good News back to their families!


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