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Palmer Lake, CO – Biblica has announced plans to strategically align with and absorb technology and innovation organization Clear Bible, Inc, in a move aimed at realizing the Bible translation world’s collective ambition to make Scripture available in every language by 2033.

Biblica has been a key partner for Clear Bible since 2020, providing funding and strategic counsel as it seeks to make Bible translation faster and more cost-effective through digital technology. The transfer of assets and key personnel will continue Clear’s work and improve its connection to the wider Bible translation network, including the Every Tribe, Every Nation (ETEN) Innovation Lab – an alliance of translators seeking to make the 2033 vision a reality.

Geof Morin, President and CEO at Biblica, says, “The current leadership team at Clear has done an outstanding job in serving the wider Bible translation world through innovative approaches to digital advancement. We are grateful that they have stewarded the organization to a point where it has never been more financially healthy and focused on its mission. This is a partnership of strategic, long-term growth; both the Biblica and Clear leadership teams see an opportunity to build on the solid foundation that has been established and expand the reach of this vital aspect of the Bible translation process.”

The work of Clear will continue under the leadership of Mark Finzel, VP of Digital Innovation at Biblica. He says: “The alignment between the two organizations will allow for better integration between the existing Bible translation teams at Biblica and the work being done within the ETEN movement.”

John Sawyer, CEO of Clear Bible, comments, “For the past three years we have valued the partnership that has developed between our two organizations as we seek to serve the wider Bible translation world. We are united in our support of the ETEN All Access Goals that by 2033, every tongue, tribe, and nation will have access to God’s Word and its life-changing hope – and we believe that by forming strategic alliances like this one, we can see that vision become a reality.”

John Sawyer will move on from his CEO role and continue serving the Bible translation movement as the Executive Director of the Assure Alliance. Alex Mosoiu, Clear Bible’s COO, will help transition operations to Biblica and then will seek his next opportunity. Clear’s remaining employees are joining Biblica’s Digital Innovation team. Similarly, Clear’s independent contractors and strategic partners will continue to work with Biblica.

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