Day: October 19, 2022

A Word from Geof

Dear Friend, Have you ever tried to walk in real darkness? Even in a place you know very well, like your own house, there’s a good chance you’re going to bump into something or trip and fall—or step on a particularly painful toy. Walking in physical darkness can mean bumps

Together for the Holidays … at Last!

Christmas is a time for family, so we wanted to share this amazing story of how caring Biblica supporters like you helped bring a family in Mexico back together!  Eduardo and Alicia hadn’t spoken to each other in more than 15 years. Their faith kept them from getting a divorce,

How You’re Supporting Life Transformation in Venezuela

Once, Luis* was a paramilitary soldier and a human trafficker. But God got hold of his heart, and when we met him in July during the Fortaleza (“strengthening”) Conference in Colombia, Luis was “trafficking” Bibles across the border into Venezuela. The warehouse where he was working, filled with 150,000 Bibles

“People are begging for Bibles.”

Imagine that your nation is at war. You’ve been forced to flee from your home, and you don’t even know if it’s still standing—if everything you had to leave behind has already disappeared in the fireball of an enemy missile.   Worse, you’ve been separated from many of your family members