NIV Bible translators

Behind the NIV Bible stands a world-class team of biblical scholars: the Committee on Bible Translation (CBT). CBT members bring decades of Bible translation experience to their work, along with an unshakeable commitment to God’s Word. Their efforts, which began in 1965, continue to this day, ensuring an accurate, faithful Bible translation for generations to come.

Dr. Douglas Moo, chair

Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College
Ph.D. University of St. Andrews
Affiliation: College Church, Wheaton, IL

Doug Moo taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for over 20 years before moving to Wheaton College. In addition to his work on the NIV, he’s the author of several New Testament commentaries and co-wrote An Introduction to the New Testament with D.A. Carson. Dr. Moo’s personal motto, captured in a plaque mounted in his office, is, “Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself.” He joined the Committee on Bible Translation in 1996.

Dr. Mark L. Strauss, vice-chair

Dr. Mark StraussProfessor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary San Diego
Ph.D. University of Aberdeen
Affiliation: Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conference)

Before joining Bethel Seminary in 1993, Mark Strauss taught at Biola, Christian Heritage College, and Talbot School of Theology. He frequently preaches in San Diego-area churches and co-edited the 2003 book The Challenge of Bible Translation. Dr. Strauss has been part of the Committee on Bible Translation since 2005.

Dr. Michael J. Williams, secretary

Dr. Michael WilliamsProfessor of Old Testament, Calvin Theological Seminary
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
Affiliation: Christian Reformed Church

Michael Williams teaches Hebrew, Old Testament, and ancient Near Eastern history at Calvin Theological Seminary in Michigan. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church and has also spent time teaching in Kenya, Russia, and Poland. Dr. Williams is proficient in seven ancient languages, including biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Ugaritic, and Sumerian — so he brings unparalleled linguistic expertise to the Committee on Bible Translation, where he’s served since 2005.

Dr. Craig Blomberg

Dr. Craig BlombergDistinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary
Ph.D. University of Aberdeen
Affiliation: Alliance of Renewal Churches

Craig Blomberg has taught at Denver Seminary since 1986. His areas of specialization include parables and the New Testament books Luke and Acts. He’s also written and edited a number of books, including The Historical Reliability of the Gospels and Making Sense of the New Testament. Dr. Blomberg joined the Committee on Bible Translation in 2008.

Dr. Jeannine K. Brown

Dr. Jeannine BrownProfessor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary
Ph.D. Luther Seminary
Affiliation: Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conference)

Jeannine Brown began teaching New Testament at Bethel Seminary in 1995, specializing in biblical hermeneutics, the gospel of Matthew, and 1 Peter. Her publications include Scripture as Communication and Becoming Whole and Holy. She’s also contributed to the Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary. Dr. Brown joined the CBT in 2009.

Dr. Havilah Dharamraj

Academic Dean and Head of Old Testament Studies, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies
Ph.D. University of Durham
Affiliation: Baptist

Havilah Dharamraj spent several years teaching chemistry before taking up Old Testament studies. Today she teaches at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, India. She’s the author of A Prophet Like Moses? A Narrative-Theological Reading of the Elijah Stories.

Dr. Simon Gathercole

Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, University of Cambridge
Ph.D. University of Durham
Affiliation: Baptist

Simon Gathercole specializes in New Testament interpretation, as well as exploring the connections between the New Testament and other literature from the same historical period. In addition to his contribution to the Committee on Bible Translation, he serves as editor for the Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

Dr. Richard Hess

Earl S. Kallard Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Denver Seminary
Ph.D. Hebrew Union College
Affiliation: Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Richard Hess has taught at Denver Seminary since 1997. He specializes in Hebrew grammar, as well as the study of ancient Near Eastern texts related to the Old Testament. In addition to his work on the NIV with the Committee on Bible Translation, Dr. Hess has contributed his expertise to four other translations: the English Standard Version (ESV), Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), New American Bible (NAB), and Common English Bible (CEB).

Rev. Dr. David Instone-Brewer

Rev. Dr. David Instone-BrewerSenior Research Fellow in Rabbinics and New Testament, Tyndale House
Ph.D. University of Cambridge
Affiliation: Baptist Union of Great Britain

David Instone-Brewer is a Baptist minister and researcher at Tyndale House in Cambridge (UK). His specialties include rabbinic literature and the Jewish backgrounds of the New Testament. In addition to his academic research, Dr. Instone-Brewer has been featured in Christianity Today, Time, and the Wall Street Journal. He’s been a member of the CBT since 2005.

Dr. Karen H. Jobes

Dr. Karen JobesGerald F. Hawthorne Professor of New Testament Greek and Exegesis, Wheaton College
Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary
Affiliation: Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Karen Jobes was well into a computer science career when she realized she enjoyed teaching Sunday school more than her day job. Eventually, she earned her doctorate in biblical hermeneutics. Her academic specialties include the Old Testament book of Esther, the Septuagint, and New Testament Greek. “I believe biblical studies must always and ultimately serve the church,” says Dr. Jobes. She joined the CBT in 1996.

Dr. Bill Mounce

Dr. Bill MouncePresident,
Ph.D. University of Aberdeen
Affiliation: Nondenominational

Bill Mounce is a New Testament scholar and author of the bestselling Greek textbook Basics of Biblical Greek. Previously he served as a preaching pastor in Spokane, Washington, and as director of the Greek Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Today he runs, a website helping people learn biblical Greek online, and, which provides discipleship resources for local churches. He oversaw the New Testament translation for the English Standard Version (ESV) and joined the NIV translation team in 2009.

Rev. Dr. Paul Swarup

Rev. Dr. Paul SwarupPresbyter in Charge, Cathedral Church of the Redemption, New Delhi
Ph.D. University of Cambridge
Affiliation: Church of North India

Paul Sawrup is a minister in the Church of North India, the leading Protestant denomination in that part of the country. He specializes in Old Testament theology and study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Rev. Dr. Swarup is a visiting faculty member at a number of Christian seminaries in India. He joined the Committee on Bible Translation in 2008.

Dr. Larry L. Walker

Ph.D. Dropsie College for Hebrew Cognate Learning
Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Dr. Walker has taught Hebrew and other ancient languages (such as Aramaic, Akkadian, and Ugaritic) at the seminary level for over 30 years. During his career, he has served at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was also part of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, which drafted the Chicago Statement on Biblica Inerrancy in 1978. Dr. Walker joined the Committee on Bible Translation in 1968.

Dr. Bruce Waltke

Dr. Bruce WaltkeDistinguished Professor of Old Testament, Knox Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Harvard University
Affiliation: Anglican Church in North America

Bruce Waltke is one of the world’s leading Old Testament scholars, having taught at several respected evangelical schools, including Dallas Theological Seminary, Regent College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary. He helped supervise archeological excavations at Gezer, Israel, and has contributed to two major English translations of the Bible: the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the NIV. Dr. Waltke joined the CBT in 1980.

Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Shead

Head of Old Testament Studies, Moore Theological College, Sydney
Ph.D. University of Cambridge
Affiliation: Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Syndey

In over 20 years at Moore College, Andrew Shead has taught all three biblical languages and most books of the Old Testament. His research interests include the book of Jeremiah, textual criticism, Hebrew poetry, and biblical theology. It’s not the research that keeps him going, however: it’s the joy of seeing men and women shaped by God’s word as we study, pray and eat together daily during some of their most formative years. Dr. Shead joined the CBT in 2015.