Global Translations

We believe everyone should have access to a clear, accurate Bible in their own language and in formats that help them hear God speak.

The need

Millions of people still lack God's Word in their primary language. Millions more lack an accurate Bible translation in modern language and in a format that matches their learning preferences and needs.

Meeting the need

Since 1809, Biblica has proclaimed the gospel by providing God's Word to more than 650 million people in their heart languages. We currently have 44 Bible translation and revision projects in 30 languages spoken by over 3 billion people.

Our Bible translations

Biblica translates the full Bible for major languages with 1 million or more speakers. We translate from the original Greek and Hebrew texts to convey Scripture's original meaning accurately in contemporary language.

We begin with the New Testament, followed by the Old Testament and then study notes. Once a translation is completed, we conduct a first printing of the new Bibles for pastors and ministry leaders

Translation approach

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Current Translation Projects

Imagine if there were no Bible in your language. This is the reality millions of people face today. God’s Word has never been translated for them. Or the only Bible translation they have is one that’s not as clear or accurate as it should be.

We believe everyone deserves a reliable, easy-to-read Scripture translation in their heart language and in a format they can engage. That’s why we’re working to produce over 30 Bible translations in print, digital text, and digital audio. Together, these translations have the potential to reach more than 3 billion people.

Here’s a list of Bible translation projects underway, as well as some recently completed translations of Scripture soon to be published for the first time.

Translation Country Speakers (millions) Est. Completion
Portugese Bible (Brazilian Brazil  203  2015
Lingala Old Testament DR Congo  2.1  2015
Orominya Old Testament Ethiopia  17.3  2015
Tigrinya Old Testament Ethiopia  5.8  2019
French Bible France  67  2014
German Bible Germany  101  2014
Ewe Bible Ghana  3.1  2014
Bengali Bible India  196  2014
Hindi Study Bible India  370  2014
Malayalam Bible India  37  2016
Punjabi Bible India  68  2020
Telugu Bible India  70  2019
Indonesian Bible Indonesia  23.2  2013
Lao Bible Laos  3.2  2013
Chichewa Bible Malawi  8.7  2015
Kurdish Sorani Old Testament Middle East  5  2013
Hausa Bible Nigeria  25  2015
Ibibio New Testament Nigeria  3.5  2013
Life Application Bible CCB Northeast Asia  873  2017
Cebuano Old Testament Philippines  15.8  2014
Tagalog Old Testament Philippines  24  2013
Portuguese Bible (European) Portugal  53  2014
Romanian Bible Romania  23.4  2013
Romanian NIV Study Bible Notes Romania  23.4  2014
Russian NIV Study Bible Notes Russia  145  2016
Serbian Old Testament Serbia  7  2015
Sinhala Bible Sri Lanka  15.6  2013
Swedish NIV Study Bible Notes Sweden  8.3  2014
Swedish Old Testament Sweden  8.3  2014
NIrV Bible United States  340  2013
NIV Bible United States  340 ongoing
Vietnamese Bible Vietnam  65.8  2015
Shona Bible Zimbabwe  10.7  2014
First Printing Country Speakers (millions) Est. Completion
Tigrinya New Testament Ethiopia 5.8 2013
Asante Twi Bible Ghana 8.3 2014
Luo Bible Kenya 4.4 2013
Chinese Student Bible Northeast Asia 873 2013
Luganda Bible Uganda 10 2013

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