About Biblica

We’re passionate about reading the Bible well so we can live it well. For over 200 years, we’ve helped millions of people access and experience God’s Word, so it can transform their lives.

Our ministry

Translating the Bible for 4 billion people

We translate and publish the Bible in dozens of languages, including the New International Version (NIV), the world’s most widely used contemporary English Bible.

We believe everyone deserves a reliable, easy-to-read translation of Scripture in their heart language. We publish whole Bible translations, not just Scripture portions. We focus on languages with a million or more speakers so we can reach as many as possible with God’s Word.

Right now, we’re working to make all our translations available in print, digital text, and digital audio — overcoming the barrier of illiteracy and the cost of printed Bibles. Read more about our Bible translation efforts.

Helping churches and individuals read the Bible well

We don’t stop at Bible translation, though, because access alone doesn’t guarantee engagement with God’s Word. We help churches, ministries, and individuals experience Scripture in powerful ways — from church-wide Bible reading campaigns to biblically-based HIV prevention for youth.

Our work won’t be finished until every single person has had a life-changing encounter with God’s Word.

Our story

Biblica dates back more than 200 years, when we were founded by some of New York City’s leading philanthropists, thinkers, and businessmen to reach America’s leading city — and ultimately the world — with the gospel.

First as the New York Bible Society, then as the International Bible Society, and today as Biblica, we’ve pioneered new ways of accessing and experiencing the Bible:

  • In 1820, we sponsored our first Bible translation, William Carey’s Bengali Bible.
  • We first gave Bibles to soldiers during the War of 1812.
  • We were the first to put Bibles in hotel rooms.
  • We published the first Braille Bibles.
  • We produced the first audio Bible.
  • In 1978, we published the New International Version (NIV), the world’s leading contemporary English translation of Scripture.

As we entered our third century of ministry in 2009, Biblica had already provided more than 650 million Bibles and biblical resources to people around the world. Read more about Biblica’s history here.

Our values and beliefs

God’s Word is at the heart of everything we do. We are captivated, challenged, and inspired by this extraordinary collection of books. We believe the Bible is God’s truth and God’s story; and in everything we do, we seek to honor our Savior and his everlasting Word. Read more about our values and beliefs.

Our future

We serve in 55 countries, reaching more than 100 million people with God’s Word every year. But that’s only the beginning.

Our heart beats for those who still don’t have God’s Word. We’ve already translated the Bible into 27 of the top 30 spoken languages. And through our global initiative to publish Scripture in print, digital text, and digital audio, these 27 Bible translations can reach up to 4 billion people with God’s Word.

Our vision is to help ignite a worldwide renewal of Bible reading, in and through the church. We believe a better Bible reading experience is possible, that the trend of decreasing Bible engagement can be reversed, and that God’s church can be revitalized simply by experiencing the Bible together.