New International Reader's Version

Jude 1:1-25

1I, Jude, am writing this letter. I serve Jesus Christ. I am a brother of James.

I am sending this letter to you who have been chosen by God. You are loved by God the Father. You are kept safe for Jesus Christ.

2May more and more mercy, peace and love be given to you.

A Warning Against the Sin of Ungodly People

3Dear friends, I really wanted to write to you about the salvation we share. But now I feel I should write and ask you to stand up for the faith. God’s holy people were trusted with it once and for all time. 4Certain people have secretly slipped in among you. Long ago it was written that they would be judged. They are ungodly people. They misuse the grace of our God as an excuse for sexual sins. They say no to Jesus Christ, our only Lord and King.

5I want to remind you about some things you already know. The Lord saved his people. At one time he brought them out of Egypt. But later he destroyed those who did not believe. 6Some of the angels didn’t stay where they belonged. They didn’t keep their positions of authority. The Lord has kept those angels in darkness. They are held by chains that last forever. On judgment day, God will judge them. 7The people of Sodom and Gomorrah and the towns around them also did evil things. They freely committed sexual sins. They committed sins of the worst possible kind. There is a fire that never goes out. Those people are an example of those who are punished with it.

8In the very same way, these ungodly people act on their evil dreams. So they make their own bodies impure. They don’t accept authority. And they say evil things against heavenly beings. 9But even Michael, the leader of the angels, didn’t dare to say these things. He didn’t even say these things when he argued with the devil about the body of Moses. Michael didn’t dare to judge the devil. He didn’t say the devil was guilty of saying evil things. Instead, Michael said, “May the Lord judge you!” 10But these people say evil things against whatever they don’t understand. And the very things they do understand will destroy them. That’s because they are like wild animals that can’t think for themselves. Instead, they do what comes naturally to them.

11How terrible it will be for them! They have followed the way of Cain. They have rushed into the same mistake Balaam made. They did it because they loved money. They are like Korah. He turned against his leaders. These people will certainly be destroyed, just as Korah was.

12These ungodly people are like stains at the meals you share. They have no shame. They are shepherds who feed only themselves. They are like clouds without rain. They are blown along by the wind. They are like trees in the fall. Since they have no fruit, they are pulled out of the ground. So they die twice. 13They are like wild waves of the sea. Their shame rises up like foam. They are like falling stars. God has reserved a place of very black darkness for them forever.

14Enoch was the seventh man in the family line of Adam. He gave a prophecy about these people. He said, “Look! The Lord is coming with thousands and thousands of his holy ones. 15He is coming to judge everyone. He is coming to sentence all of them. He will judge them for all the ungodly acts they have done. They have done them in ungodly ways. He will sentence ungodly sinners for all the things they have said to oppose him.” 16These people complain and find fault with others. They follow their own evil desires. They brag about themselves. They praise others to get what they want.

Remain in God’s Love

17Dear friends, remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ said would happen. 18They told you, “In the last days, some people will make fun of the truth. They will follow their own ungodly desires.” 19They are the people who separate you from one another. They do only what comes naturally. They are not led by the Holy Spirit.

20But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith. Let the Holy Spirit guide and help you when you pray. 21And by doing these things, remain in God’s love as you wait. You are waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you eternal life.

22Show mercy to those who doubt. 23Save others by pulling them out of the fire. To others, show mercy mixed with fear of sin. Hate even the clothes that are stained by the sins of those who wear them.

Praise to God

24Give praise to the God who is able to keep you from falling into sin. He will bring you into his heavenly glory without any fault. He will bring you there with great joy. 25Give praise to the only God our Savior. Glory, majesty, power and authority belong to him. Give praise to him through Jesus Christ our Lord. His praise was before all time, continues now, and will last forever. Amen.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified)

犹大书 1:1-25




3亲爱的弟兄姊妹,我一直迫切地想写信跟你们谈谈我们所共享的救恩,但现在我觉得有必要写信劝勉你们竭力护卫一次就完整地交给圣徒的真道。 4因为有些不敬虔的人偷偷地混进你们中间,以上帝的恩典作借口,放纵情欲,否认独一的主宰——我们的主耶稣基督。圣经上早已记载,这样的人必受到审判。


5以下的事情,你们虽然都知道,但我还要再提醒你们:从前上帝1:5 上帝”有些抄本作“主”。把祂的子民从埃及救出来,后来把其中不信的人灭绝了。 6至于不守本分、擅离岗位的天使,上帝也用锁链将他们永远囚禁在幽暗里,等候最后审判的大日子到来。 7此外,所多玛蛾摩拉及其附近城镇的人同样因为荒淫无度、沉溺于变态的情欲而遭到永火的刑罚。这些事都成为我们的警戒。


8同样,这些做梦的人玷污自己的身体,不服权柄,亵渎有尊荣的。 9当天使长米迦勒摩西的尸体跟魔鬼争辩的时候,尚且不敢用毁谤的话谴责它,只说:“愿主责罚你!” 10这些人却毁谤自己不明白的事,像没有理性的野兽一样凭本能行事,结果自取灭亡。 11他们大祸临头了!他们步了该隐的后尘,为谋利而重蹈巴兰的谬误,又像可拉一样因叛逆而灭亡。 12这些人在你们的爱宴中是败类1:12 败类”希腊文是“暗礁”或“污点”的意思。。他们肆无忌惮地吃喝,是只顾喂养自己的牧人;是没有雨的云,随风飘荡;是深秋不结果子的树,被连根拔起,彻底枯死。 13他们是海中的狂涛,翻动着自己可耻的泡沫,是流荡的星星,有幽幽黑暗永远留给他们。

14亚当的第七代子孙以诺曾经针对这些人说预言:“看啊!主率领祂千万的圣者一同降临, 15要审判所有的人,按不虔不敬的罪人所行的恶事和他们亵渎上帝的话定他们的罪。” 16这些人满腹牢骚,怨天尤人,放纵自己的邪情私欲。他们口出狂言,为了谋利而阿谀奉承他人。


17亲爱的弟兄姊妹,要谨记主耶稣基督的使徒从前给你们的警告。 18他们曾对你们说:“末世的时候,必定有不敬虔、好讥笑的人放纵自己的邪情私欲。” 19这些人制造分裂,血气用事,心中没有圣灵。

20亲爱的弟兄姊妹,你们要在至圣的真道上造就自己,在圣灵的引导下祷告, 21常在上帝的爱中,等候我们主耶稣基督施怜悯赐给你们永生。

22那些心存疑惑的人,你们要怜悯他们; 23有些人,你们要将他们从火中抢救出来;还有些人,你们要怀着畏惧的心怜悯他们,甚至要厌恶被他们的邪情私欲玷污的衣服。


24愿荣耀归给我们的救主——独一的上帝!祂能保守你们不失足犯罪,使你们无瑕无疵、欢欢喜喜地站在祂的荣耀面前。 25愿荣耀、威严、能力和权柄借着我们的主耶稣基督都归给祂,从万世以前直到现今,一直到永永远远。阿们!