New International Reader's Version

2 Samuel 13:1-39

Amnon and Tamar

1Some time later, David’s son Amnon fell in love with Tamar. She was the beautiful sister of Absalom. He was another one of David’s sons.

2Amnon wanted his sister Tamar so much that it made him sick. She was a virgin, and it seemed impossible for him to do what he wanted with her.

3Amnon had an adviser named Jonadab. He was the son of David’s brother Shimeah. Jonadab was a very clever man. 4He asked Amnon, “You are the king’s son, aren’t you? So why do you look so worn out every morning? Won’t you tell me?”

Amnon answered, “I’m in love with Tamar. She’s the sister of my brother Absalom.”

5“Go to bed,” Jonadab said. “Pretend to be sick. Your father will come to see you. When he does, tell him, ‘I would like my sister Tamar to come and give me something to eat. Let her prepare the food right here in front of me where I can watch her. Then she can feed it to me.’ ”

6So Amnon went to bed. He pretended to be sick. The king came to see him. Amnon said to him, “I would like my sister Tamar to come here. I want to watch her make some special bread. Then she can feed it to me.”

7David sent a message to Tamar at the palace. He said, “Go to your brother Amnon’s house. Prepare some food for him.” 8So Tamar went to the house of her brother Amnon. He was lying in bed. She got some dough and mixed it. She shaped the bread right there in front of him. And she baked it. 9Then she took the bread out of the pan and served it to him. But he refused to eat it.

“Send everyone out of here,” Amnon said. So everyone left him. 10Then he said to Tamar, “Bring the food here into my bedroom. Please feed it to me.” So Tamar picked up the bread she had prepared. She brought it to her brother Amnon in his bedroom. 11She took it to him so he could eat it. But he grabbed her. He said, “My sister, come to bed with me.”

12“No, my brother!” she said to him. “Don’t force me! An evil thing like that should never be done in Israel! Don’t do it! 13What about me? How could I ever get rid of my shame? And what about you? You would be as foolish as any evil person in Israel. Please speak to the king. He won’t keep me from marrying you.” 14But Amnon refused to listen to her. He was stronger than she was. So he raped her.

15Then Amnon hated Tamar very much. In fact, he hated her more than he had loved her before. He said to her, “Get up! Get out!”

16“No!” she said to him. “Don’t send me away. That would be worse than what you have already done to me.”

But he refused to listen to her. 17He sent for his personal servant. He said, “Get this woman out of my sight. Lock the door behind her.” 18So his servant threw her out. Then he locked the door behind her. Tamar was wearing a beautiful robe. It was the kind of robe the virgin daughters of the king wore. 19She put ashes on her head. She tore the beautiful robe she was wearing. She put her hands on her head and went away. She was weeping out loud as she went.

20When her brother Absalom saw her, he spoke to her. He said, “Has Amnon, that brother of yours, forced you to go to bed with him? My sister, don’t let it upset you. Don’t let it bother you. He’s your brother.” After that, Tamar lived in her brother Absalom’s house. She was very lonely.

21King David heard about everything that had happened. So he became very angry. 22And Absalom never said a word of any kind to Amnon. He hated Amnon because he had brought shame on his sister Tamar.

Absalom Kills Amnon

23Two years later, Absalom invited all the king’s sons to come to Baal Hazor. It was near the border of Ephraim. The workers who clipped the wool off Absalom’s sheep were there. 24Absalom went to the king. He said, “I’ve had my workers come to clip the wool. Will you and your attendants please join me?”

25“No, my son,” the king replied. “All of us shouldn’t go. It would be too much trouble for you.” Although Absalom begged him, the king still refused to go. But he gave Absalom his blessing.

26Then Absalom said, “If you won’t come, please let my brother Amnon come with us.”

The king asked him, “Why should he go with you?” 27But Absalom begged him. So the king sent Amnon with him. He also sent the rest of his sons.

28Absalom ordered his men, “Listen! When Amnon has had too much wine to drink, I’ll say to you, ‘Strike Amnon down.’ When I do, kill him. Don’t be afraid. I’ve given you an order, haven’t I? Be strong and brave.” 29So Absalom’s men killed Amnon, just as Absalom had ordered. Then all the king’s sons got on their mules and rode away.

30While they were on their way, a report came to David. It said, “Absalom has struck down all your sons. Not one of them is left alive.” 31The king stood up and tore his clothes. Then he lay down on the ground. All his attendants stood near him. They had also torn their clothes.

32Jonadab, the son of David’s brother Shimeah, spoke up. He said, “You shouldn’t think that all the princes have been killed. The only one who is dead is Amnon. Absalom had planned to kill him ever since the day Amnon raped his sister Tamar. 33You are my king and master. You shouldn’t be concerned about this report. It’s not true that all your sons are dead. The only one who is dead is Amnon.”

34While all of that was taking place, Absalom ran away.

The man on guard duty at Jerusalem looked up. He saw many people coming on the road west of him. They were coming down the side of the hill. He went and spoke to the king. He said, “I see men coming down the road from Horonaim. They are coming down the side of the hill.”

35Jonadab said to the king, “See, your sons are coming. It has happened just as I said it would.”

36As he finished speaking, the king’s sons came in. They were weeping out loud. The king and all his attendants were also weeping very bitterly.

37When Absalom ran away, he went to Talmai, the son of Ammihud. Talmai was king of Geshur. King David mourned many days for his son Amnon.

38So Absalom ran away and went to Geshur. He stayed there for three years. 39After some time the king got over his sorrow because of Amnon’s death. Then King David longed to go to Absalom.

Holy Bible in Gĩkũyũ

2 Samũeli 13:1-39

Amunoni na Tamaru

113:1 2Sam 3:2; 1Maũ 3:9Thuutha wa mahinda macio-rĩ, Abisalomu mũrũ wa Daudi aarĩ na mwarĩ wa nyina mũthaka mũno wetagwo Tamaru, nake Amunoni mũrũ wa Daudi akĩmwenda mũno.

2Amunoni agĩtangĩka nginya agĩĩtua nĩ mũrũaru nĩ ũndũ wa mwarĩ wa ithe Tamaru, nĩgũkorwo aarĩ mũirĩtu gathirange,13:2 Airĩtu gathirange maikaraga nyũmba cia airĩtu mwanya, na matingĩaceereire arũme, o na kana aanake a ithe ũmwe nao. na nĩonaga arĩ hinya kũmwĩka ũndũ o na ũrĩkũ.

313:3 1Sam 16:9Na rĩrĩ, Amunoni aarĩ na mũratawe wetagwo Jonadabu mũrũ wa Shimea, mũrũ wa nyina na Daudi. Jonadabu aarĩ mũndũ mwara mũno. 4Akĩũria Amunoni atĩrĩ, “Nĩ kĩĩ gĩtũmĩte wee mũrũ wa mũthamaki woneke o ũkĩhinyĩrĩrĩka rũciinĩ o rũciinĩ? Kaĩ ũtangĩnjĩĩra gĩtũmi?”

Amunoni akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Nĩ kwenda nyendeete Tamaru, mwarĩ wa nyina na Abisalomu mũrũ wa baba.”

5Jonadabu akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Thiĩ ũrĩrĩ na wĩtue atĩ ũrĩ mũrũaru. Rĩrĩa thoguo arĩũka gũkuona, ũmwĩre atĩrĩ, ‘No nyende mwarĩ wa baba Tamaru oke aahe kĩndũ gĩa kũrĩa. Andugĩre irio ngĩonaga, nĩguo ndĩmuone, na ningĩ ndĩe acinyiitĩte na guoko gwake.’ ”

6Nĩ ũndũ ũcio Amunoni agĩkoma na agĩĩtua nĩ mũrũaru. Na rĩrĩa mũthamaki ookire kũmuona, Amunoni akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “No nyende mwarĩ wa baba Tamaru oke aathondekere tũmĩgate ngĩonaga, nĩguo ndĩe anyiitĩte na guoko gwake.”

7Daudi agĩtũmanĩra Tamaru nyũmba-inĩ ya ũthamaki, akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Thiĩ nyũmba ya mũrũ wa thoguo Amunoni, ũmũthondekere irio.” 8Nĩ ũndũ ũcio Tamaru agĩthiĩ nyũmba ya mũrũ wa ithe Amunoni, akĩmũkora akomete. Akĩoya mũtu, akĩũkanda, agĩthondeka mũgate Amunoni akĩmuonaga, na akĩũruga. 913:9 Kĩam 45:1Agĩcooka akĩoya rũgĩo, akĩmũihũrĩra mũgate, nowe akĩrega kũrĩa.

Amunoni akiuga atĩrĩ, “Andũ othe nĩmeherio haha.” Nĩ ũndũ ũcio andũ othe makiuma nja, makĩmũtiga. 10Hĩndĩ ĩyo Amunoni akĩĩra Tamaru atĩrĩ, “Ndehera irio haha nyũmba yakwa ya toro, nĩguo ndĩe ũcinyiitĩte na guoko gwaku.” Nake Tamaru akĩoya mũgate ũrĩa aathondekete, akĩũtwarĩra mũrũ wa ithe Amunoni nyũmba yake ya toro. 1113:11 Kĩam 39:12No rĩrĩa aamũtwarĩire nĩguo arĩe, Amunoni akĩmũnyiita, akiuga atĩrĩ, “Ũka ngome nawe, mwarĩ wa baba.”

1213:12 Alaw 20:17; Kĩam 34:7Nake akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Aca, mũrũ wa baba! Tiga kũnyiita na hinya. Ũndũ ta ũyũ ndwagĩrĩire gwĩkwo Isiraeli! Tiga gwĩka ũndũ ũyũ wa waganu. 1313:13 Alaw 18:9Ha ũhoro wakwa naguo atĩa? Thoni ciakwa ingĩcitwara nakũ? O nawe-rĩ, ũhoro waku ũgũikara atĩa? Ũkuoneka ũhaana ta mũndũ ũmwe wa andũ arĩa aaganu na akĩĩgu thĩinĩ wa Isiraeli. Ndagũthaitha aria na mũthamaki; tondũ ndangĩgiria ũũhikie.” 1413:14 Kĩam 34:2; Ezek 22:11Nowe akĩrega kũmũigua, na tondũ aarĩ na hinya kũmũkĩra, akĩmũnyiita na agĩkoma nake na hinya.

15Ningĩ Amunoni akĩmũthũũra na rũthũũro rũnene makĩria. Ti-itherũ, aamũthũũrire gũkĩra ũrĩa aamwendete. Amunoni akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Ũkĩra, wehere haha!”

16Tamaru akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Aca! Kũnyingata thiĩ nĩ ihĩtia inene makĩria gũkĩra ũguo wanjĩka.”

Nowe akĩrega kũmũigua. 17Nake Amunoni agĩĩta ndungata yake, akĩmĩĩra atĩrĩ, “Eheria mũndũ-wa-nja ũyũ haha, na oima ũhinge mũrango.” 1813:18 Kĩam 37:23Nĩ ũndũ ũcio ndungata yake ĩkĩmũikia na nja, na ĩkĩhinga mũrango. Nake Tamaru eehumbĩte nguo ndaaya yagemetio na magemio ma goro, tondũ airĩtu arĩa gathirange a mũthamaki meehumbaga nguo ta ĩyo. 1913:19 Josh 7:6; Esit 4:1Tamaru akĩĩitĩrĩria mũhu mũtwe, na agĩtarũra nguo ĩyo ndaaya ngʼemie ĩrĩa eehumbĩte. Agĩcooka akĩigĩrĩra guoko gwake mũtwe, agĩthiĩ akĩrĩraga aanĩrĩire.

20Nake mũrũ wa nyina Abisalomu akĩmũũria atĩrĩ, “Kaĩ muuma na Amunoni, mũrũ wa thoguo? Rĩu ta gĩkire, mwarĩ wa maitũ, tondũ we nĩ mũrũ wa thoguo. Tiga kũigua ũũru ngoro nĩ ũndũ wa ũndũ ũcio.” Nake Tamaru agĩtũũra mũciĩ kwa mũrũ wa nyina Abisalomu, arĩ mũndũ-wa-nja ũrĩ na kĩeha kĩnene.

21Hĩndĩ ĩrĩa Mũthamaki Daudi aiguire maũndũ macio mothe-rĩ, akĩrakara mũno. 2213:22 Kĩam 31:24; Alaw 19:17-18; 1Joh 2:9-11Abisalomu ndaigana kwaria na Amunoni ũndũ o na ũrĩkũ, mwega kana mũũru; nĩathũũrire Amunoni tondũ nĩaconorithĩtie mwarĩ wa nyina Tamaru.

Abisalomu Kũũraga Amunoni

2313:23 1Sam 25:7Mĩaka ĩĩrĩ yathira, hĩndĩ ĩrĩa amuri a ngʼondu guoya a Abisalomu maarĩ kũu Baali-Hazoru hakuhĩ na mũhaka wa Efiraimu-rĩ, agĩĩta ariũ a mũthamaki othe mathiĩ kuo. 24Abisalomu agĩthiĩ kũrĩ mũthamaki, akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Ndungata yaku nĩĩtĩte amuri ngʼondu guoya. Hihi mũthamaki na anene ake no moke tũkorwo hamwe.”

25Mũthamaki agĩcookia atĩrĩ, “Aca, mũrũ wakwa. Tũtiagĩrĩirwo nĩ gũthiĩ ithuothe; twahota gũtuĩka mũrigo harĩwe.” O na gũtuĩka Abisalomu nĩamũthaithire-rĩ, nĩaregire biũ gũthiĩ, no akĩmũhe kĩrathimo gĩake.

26Ningĩ Abisalomu akĩmwĩra atĩrĩ, “Angĩkorwo ti ũguo-rĩ, ndagũthaitha ũreke mũrũ wa baba Amunoni athiĩ na ithuĩ.”

Nake mũthamaki akĩmũũria atĩrĩ, “Nĩ kĩĩ gĩgũtũma athiĩ na inyuĩ?” 27Nowe Abisalomu akĩmũringĩrĩria, na nĩ ũndũ ũcio mũthamaki akĩreka Amunoni mathiĩ nake, hamwe na ariũ acio angĩ a mũthamaki.

2813:28 2Sam 3:3Abisalomu agĩatha andũ ake, akĩmeera atĩrĩ, “Ta thikĩrĩriai! Rĩrĩa Amunoni arĩkorwo akenete nĩ kũnyua ndibei akarĩĩo, na inyuĩ ndĩmwĩre atĩrĩ, ‘Ringai agwe thĩ,’ hĩndĩ ĩyo mũũragei. Mũtigetigĩre. Githĩ ti niĩ ndĩmũheete watho ũcio? Ũmĩrĩriai mũtuĩke njamba.” 29Nĩ ũndũ ũcio andũ a Abisalomu magĩĩka Amunoni o ta ũrĩa Abisalomu aamaathĩte. Hĩndĩ ĩyo ariũ othe a mũthamaki magĩũkĩra, makĩhaica nyũmbũ ciao, makĩũra.

30Marĩ njĩra-inĩ makĩũra-rĩ, ũhoro ũcio ũgĩkinyĩra Daudi, akĩĩrwo atĩrĩ, “Abisalomu nĩoragĩte ariũ othe a mũthamaki; gũtirĩ o na ũmwe ũtigarĩte.” 3113:31 Ndar 14:6Nake mũthamaki agĩũkĩra, agĩtembũranga nguo ciake, agĩkoma thĩ; o nacio ndungata ciake ikĩrũgama hakuhĩ nake, na igĩtembũranga nguo ciacio.

32No Jonadabu mũrũ wa Shimea, mũrũ wa nyina na Daudi, akiuga atĩrĩ, “Mwathi wakwa, tiga gwĩciiria atĩ moragĩte ariũ othe a mũthamaki; no Amunoni wiki ũkuĩte. Ũndũ ũcio ũtũire ũrĩ muoroto wa Abisalomu kuuma mũthenya ũrĩa Amunoni aanyiitire mwarĩ wa nyina Tamaru na hinya. 33Mũthamaki mwathi wakwa ndagĩrĩirwo nĩkũrũmbũiya ũhoro ũcio wa atĩ ariũ othe a mũthamaki nĩmakuĩte. Amunoni nowe wiki ũkuĩte.”

34Hĩndĩ ĩyo Abisalomu nĩakoretwo orĩte.

Na rĩrĩ, mũndũ ũrĩa warangagĩra itũũra agĩcũthĩrĩria na akĩona andũ aingĩ njĩra-inĩ mwena wake wa ithũĩro, maikũrũkĩire mwena-inĩ wa kĩrĩma. Nake mũrangĩri agĩthiĩ akĩĩra mũthamaki atĩrĩ, “Nĩndĩrona andũ mwena ũũrĩa wa Horonaimu, mwena-inĩ wa kĩrĩma.”

35Jonadabu akĩĩra mũthamaki atĩrĩ, “Ta kĩone, ariũ a mũthamaki marĩ haha; o ta ũrĩa ndungata yaku ĩkwĩrire, ũguo noguo gũtariĩ.”

36Na aarĩkia kwaria o ro ũguo-rĩ, ariũ a mũthamaki magĩũka makĩrĩraga na mũgambo mũnene. O nake mũthamaki na ndungata ciake ciothe makĩrĩra marĩ na ruo rũnene.

3713:37 2Sam 3:3Nake Abisalomu akĩũra agĩthiĩ gwa Talimai mũrũ wa Amihudi, mũthamaki wa Geshuru. Nowe Mũthamaki Daudi agĩcakaĩra mũriũ mũthenya o mũthenya.

38Thuutha wa Abisalomu kũũrĩra Geshuru, aikarire kuo mĩaka ĩtatũ. 3913:39 2Sam 12:19-23Nayo ngoro ya mũthamaki nĩyeriragĩria gũthiĩ kũrĩ Abisalomu, tondũ nĩahooreretio ũhoro-inĩ ũkoniĩ gĩkuũ kĩa Amunoni.