The Message

Hosea 1

1This is God’s Message to Hosea son of Beeri. It came to him during the royal reigns of Judah’s kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. This was also the time that Jeroboam son of Joash was king over Israel.

This Whole Country Has Become a Whorehouse

The first time God spoke to Hosea he said:

“Find a whore and marry her.
    Make this whore the mother of your children.
And here’s why: This whole country
    has become a whorehouse, unfaithful to me, God.”

Hosea did it. He picked Gomer daughter of Diblaim. She got pregnant and gave him a son.

4-5 Then God told him:

“Name him Jezreel. It won’t be long now before
    I’ll make the people of Israel pay for the massacre at Jezreel.
    I’m calling it quits on the kingdom of Israel.
Payday is coming! I’m going to chop Israel’s bows and arrows
    into kindling in the valley of Jezreel.”

6-7 Gomer got pregnant again. This time she had a daughter. God told Hosea:

“Name this one No-Mercy. I’m fed up with Israel.
    I’ve run out of mercy. There’s no more forgiveness.
Judah’s another story. I’ll continue having mercy on them.
    I’ll save them. It will be their God who saves them,
Not their armaments and armies,
    not their horsepower and manpower.”

8-9 After Gomer had weaned No-Mercy, she got pregnant yet again and had a son. God said:

“Name him Nobody. You’ve become nobodies to me,
    and I, God, am a nobody to you.

10-11 “But down the road the population of Israel is going to explode past counting, like sand on the ocean beaches. In the very place where they were once named Nobody, they will be named God’s Somebody. Everybody in Judah and everybody in Israel will be assembled as one people. They’ll choose a single leader. There’ll be no stopping them—a great day in Jezreel!”

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

何西阿書 1



耶和華首次向何西阿說話時,對他說:「你去娶一個妓女為妻,和她生養兒女,因為這片土地上的人極其淫亂,背棄了耶和華。」 於是,何西阿娶了滴拉音的女兒歌蜜為妻,她懷孕為他生了一個兒子。 耶和華對何西阿說:「給他取名叫耶斯列[a],因為再過不久,我就要因耶戶家在耶斯列的屠殺而懲罰他們,消滅以色列國。 那時,我要在耶斯列平原折斷以色列的弓。」 後來,歌蜜又懷孕生了一個女兒。耶和華對何西阿說:「給她取名叫羅·路哈瑪[b],因為我將不再憐憫以色列家,也不再赦免他們的罪。 但我要憐憫猶大家,使他們依靠他們的上帝耶和華得到拯救,而不是依靠戰弓、刀劍、馬匹、騎兵和戰爭。」 羅·路哈瑪斷奶後,歌蜜又懷孕生了一個兒子。 耶和華說:「給他取名叫羅·阿米[c],因為以色列人不再是我的子民,我也不再是他們的上帝。


10 「然而,以色列的人數必像海沙一樣量不盡、數不完。從前我在什麼地方對他們說『你們不是我的子民』,將來也要在那裡對他們說『你們是永活上帝的兒女』。 11 那時,猶大人和以色列人將被聚集起來,為自己選立一位首領,從流亡之地返回故鄉,安居樂業。耶斯列的日子將是偉大的日子。

Notas al pie

  1. 1·4 耶斯列」意思是「上帝撒種」。此處指上帝要像撒種一樣驅散以色列人,但在1·11指上帝要賜福他們,就像撒種後獲得了大豐收。
  2. 1·6 羅·路哈瑪」意思是「不蒙憐憫」。
  3. 1·9 羅·阿米」意思是「不是我的子民」。