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Non-Cash Assets - Your "Other 90%"

Scientists tell us that only about 10% of an iceberg is visible above the water’s surface.  The great mass is below the surface and hidden from view.  Quite often, the Christian steward’s assets (or estate) are similar to an iceberg with approximately 10% in cash (liquid assets) and the remaining 90% being non-cash, non-liquid assets.

For generous stewards, this can lead to the highly frustrating, “I’d really like to give more – but I just don’t have any more money…” syndrome.  Regardless of income, nearly everyone reaches the point of “I can’t give away any more cash.”

Are there options for the giver who has reached their personal “cash limit”?  Yes!  For many, “the other 90%” of their financial assets holds the key to giving to their heart’s desire.

Below you will find a partial list of non-cash assets that are commonly used to make generous charitable gifts. As a general rule, if the asset has an ascertainable value and is commonly bought and sold, it may be possible to use it to fulfill your generosity desires.  However, some assets have complicated tax and ownership rules that make their use as a charitable gift less desirable, or they are prohibited. 

Physical property that can be moved.

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Simplest to give are those traded on a public stock exchange or market.

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Commonly referred to as an IRA.

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Buildings and Land.

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The most common is a gift of grain from an active farmer.

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Policies can be gifted to the ministry or can name the ministry as a beneficiary.

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When you desire to increase your generosity, consider “the other 90%” – your non-cash assets.

May we help?  We have many resources available and can produce specific illustrations to explain how non-cash asset gifts can work for you. Please contact us today!