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On this page, you’ll find several ministry projects Biblica has recently been a part of, as well as some exclusive never-before-seen video projects from our partners.

We believe putting a Bible into someone’s hands can change everything. After watching these videos, we believe you will feel this way too.

God’s Word at Work in the World

At Biblica, we believe putting a Bible into someone’s hands can change everything. Former NFL wide receiver Rashied Davis of the Chicago Bears recently took a trip with Biblica to visit our Reach4Life students in South Africa. Watch this video to see highlights of the trip and hear how God changed Rashied’s life as a young man.

God’s Word is For Everyone

Here at Biblica, we are passionate about providing God’s Word not only to those who can’t yet read it in their language, but those who may face challenges in doing so. Watch this video to learn more about our Accessible Bible project.

God’s Word, Spoken With Passion

Biblica provided the NIV source text that the hip hop inspired group Streetlights used to produce the following videos, among others.

God’s Word is Setting the Captives Free

After Bheki survived an attempted suicide, he decided to make a change in his life. Instead of turning back to the drugs that had nearly destroyed him, he went to church. Here is his story.

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