Daily Manna for Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Daily Manna is a daily Bible devotional service provided by Biblica. The Scripture is provided in many forms and is new every day. It is a great way to receive the encouragement and hope found in the Word of God.

Verse of the Day

Jeremiah 31:16-18

The Lord says,

“Do not weep anymore.
    Do not let tears fall from your eyes.
I will reward you for your work,”
    announces the Lord.
    “Your children will return from the land of the enemy.
So there is hope for your children,”
    announces the Lord.
    “Your children will return to their own land.

“I have heard the groans of Ephraim’s people. They say,
    ‘You corrected us like a calf you were training.
    And we have been trained.
Bring us back to you, and we will come back.
    You are the Lord our God.