Daily Manna for Monday, March 20, 2017

Daily Manna is a daily Bible devotional service provided by Biblica. The Scripture is provided in many forms and is new every day. It is a great way to receive the encouragement and hope found in the Word of God.

Verse of the Day

Isaiah 11:2-5

The Spirit of the Lord will rest on that Branch.
    The Spirit will help him to be wise and understanding.
The Spirit will help him make wise plans and carry them out.
    The Spirit will help him know the Lord and have respect for him.
The Branch will take delight
    in respecting the Lord.

He will not judge things only by the way they look.
    He won’t make decisions based simply on what people say.
He will always do what is right
    when he judges those who are in need.
He’ll be completely fair
    when he makes decisions about poor people.
When he commands that people be punished,
    it will happen.
When he orders that evil people be put to death,
    it will take place.
He will put on godliness as if it were his belt.
    He’ll wear faithfulness around his waist.