Community Bible Experience has everything you need to read big: print and digital editions of The Books of the Bible for each participant, daily videos, resources for kids and families, and tools to help you plan and promote your campaign.

The Books of the Bible: print + digital

Each participant gets a print copy of The Books of the Bible: New Testament, a revolutionary presentation of Scripture designed to help you read whole books. In addition, participants can download an eBook for mobile devices and an mp3 audio version with one track for each day of the campaign. They can also sign up to have each day’s reading (text and audio) delivered by email.

Daily videos

Participants can register to receive daily campaign videos by email. There’s a 30- to 60-second video providing some helpful context for each day’s reading, as well as a 2- to 3-minute video introduction to each book or section of books.

Preview the daily videos

Resources for kids and families

Kids can participate in the New Testament reading campaign by listening to The Books of the Bible: Kids’ Audio Version. (Note: Not included with other campaigns.) Each 10- to 15-minute episode follows the Community Bible Experience reading plan. The kids’ version includes a downloadable parent’s guide, with tips for engaging kids in the New Testament, along with a full transcript for those who want to read each day’s story to their kids.

Supporting materials

Participants get a downloadable reader’s guide with the 40-day reading plan, tips for reading, advice for making the most of small group gatherings, and more.

Leaders can download a group leader’s guide with tips for guiding a book club-style conversation, week-by-week discussion guides with notes on what to watch for in each week’s reading, and more.

For pastors & leaders

We provide everything you need to plan and promote your Community Bible Experience campaign.

Pastor’s planning guide

This guide includes an overview of Community Bible Experience, a step-by-step planning checklist, and more.



Use the opening video to introduce your campaign. There’s also a closing video you can play to invite your church to help share Community Bible Experience with those who cannot cover the cost for themselves. In addition, you can use the many other videos below to promote your campaign.

Core Videos

Additional Videos

Customizable presentation

You can use our fully customizable presentation (available in PowerPoint and Keynote) to talk about Community Bible Experience. Includes suggested talking points.


Includes 2 fully customizable promotional inserts for use before your campaign, 8 for use during your campaign, and 2 for use afterward.

Graphics kit

Logos, images, and more—all of which you can use to create your own promotional materials or feature Community Bible Experience on your church’s website.