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Not a big reader? Want to listen as you read? No problem. You can download a copy of The Books of the Bible: Audio New Testament, narrated by Max McLean. To make it easy to follow along, each day’s reading is a single track.

You can download the whole thing as a single zip file or you can listen online, one track at a time. To play the audio directly from your computer or mobile device, simply click or tap the desired track.

If you want to download an individual track to your computer, right-click the track, then select “Save Link As…” (PC) or “Save Target As” (Mac).

Individual tracks

Day 1: Luke-Acts

Day 2: Luke-Acts

Day 3: Luke-Acts

Day 4: Luke-Acts

Day 5: Luke-Acts

Day 6: Luke-Acts

Day 7: Luke-Acts

Day 8: Luke-Acts

Day 9: Luke-Acts

Day 10: 1-2 Thessalonians

Day 11: 1 Corinthians

Day 12: 1 Corinthians

Day 13: 2 Corinthians

Day 14: Galations

Day 15: Romans

Day 16: Romans

Day 17: Colossians

Day 18: Ephesians, Philemon

Day 19: Philippians, 1 Timothy

Day 20: Titus, 2 Timothy

Day 21: Matthew

Day 22: Matthew

Day 23: Matthew

Day 24: Matthew

Day 25: Matthew

Day 26: Hebrews

Day 27: Hebrews

Day 28: James

Day 29: Mark

Day 30: Mark

Day 31: Peter

Day 32: Peter, Jude

Day 33: John

Day 34: John

Day 35: John

Day 36: 1-3 John

Day 37: Revelation

Day 38: Revelation

Day 39: Revelation

The drama of the Bible

What now?

Living the script

Preface to The Books of the Bible

Invitation to the New Testament

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