All In. All Together.


What would it have been like, that first Christmas, to see the sky filled with angels announcing the Good News—the best news the world had ever heard?

The work we’re doing together may be a little less dramatic. But for the people who will be able to understand the Good News for the first time this year thanks to you, it’s still the best news they’ve ever heard. The Hebrew word translated “angel” means “messenger,” and you are an “angel” to everyone who can study God’s Word for themselves through our Bible translations and other resources. I hope you find the stories in this issue of All In, All Together inspiring!

We’re deeply grateful for your support so far. And I hope that in this holiday season, if you’re able, you’ll join us again to help more people receive a Bible in the language they dream in. Thank you!

Your partner in ministry,

Geof Morin

"People are begging for Bibles."

Millions of Ukrainians have turned to the Bible for encouragement in the midst of war. But most were forced to read it in Russian, the language of their oppressors. See how your support is giving them God’s Word in their own language.

How You’re Supporting Life Transformation in Venezuela

You’ve probably seen the stories of poverty and disruption in Venezuela. But thanks to Biblica supporters like you, there are also stories of hope. See some of them now!

Together for the Holidays … at Last!

Eduardo and Alicia’s children were devastated that their parents hadn’t spoken to each other in more than 15 years, although they remained married. So, with a little help from friends like you, they hatched a plan to bring their parents back together …

A Word from Geof

Have you ever tried to walk in real darkness? Join Geof for some thoughts on what it means to share our light this Christmas season.

You Did It!

For Summer Surge 2022, we focused on Global Urgent Initiatives—the most critical needs around the world. Those included ministry to Persecuted Peoples, developing Trauma-Healing Resources, and providing Scripture resources for Church Planting. Thanks to the generosity of our Biblica family, in three months we raised $118,995 to unleash God’s Word in the lives of tens of thousands of men, women, and children worldwide. We know that God will use these gifts to meet immediate needs today and to transform lives and communities for years to come.

Is Your Estate Design Guided by Biblical Principles?

Consider that:

  1. God is the owner of all. As the creator and sustainer of everything, God is also the owner.
  2. Our role is that of manager, caretaker, trustee, and steward. God expects us to seek His best interest through the prudent use of our time, abilities, and financial resources.
  3. Our blessings are intended to be shared both during this lifetime and at the time of our death—such as reducing our tax burden and using the savings to benefit our church and favorite ministries.

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