So all will know

July 2020

Summer Surge 2020: Unleash God's Word

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Biblica was on the verge of our once-a-year Summer Surge campaign—three months to raise $350,000 to provide Bibles to 50,000 people. In light of the global situation, we asked ourselves, should we go forward?

But we knew if our lives were shaken by the coronavirus, people in vulnerable communities around the world have been devastated. Children who were wondering where their next meal would come from now must wonder if they will live to grow up. Families living in fear of political violence now have to live with the fear of getting sick. Marginalized people groups have been pushed even further away from healthcare and other help. As they try to weather this storm, they urgently need the hope of a relationship with Jesus Christ, as discovered in God’s Word.

We can’t stop inviting people like you to be a part of what God wants to do in His Kingdom right now. So in this special Summer Surge 2020 edition of So All Will Know, we invite you to look at some of the ways God has used your support around the world. We hope you find these stories inspiring!

Your partner in ministry,

Geof Morin

Geof Morin

God's Word Around the World

How your support is unleashing God's Word around the world

In the United States, your gifts help heroes stand strong

Visit our map to see exciting updates from the nations we’re reaching during Summer Surge 2020—stories of people who have hope today because you care.

A word from Geof

When the things we take for granted can’t be taken for granted anymore, we have to trust God in ways that stretch us.

Summer Surge 2020

In their own words

See what some of your fellow supporters have to say about what it means to share God’s Word with the world as part of the Biblica family!