Matt & Danielle Forté

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About the Fortés

“As a Christ follower, each of us can do ministry. You don’t have to have a title or be a pastor. If you are reading the Bible and learning, you can make an impact.”

Danielle and Matt Forté (former NFL running back) have been Global Ambassadors for Biblica since the summer of 2019. Since joining the Biblica family, Matt and Danielle have traveled the world spreading the hope of God’s Word where needed most — from India to Kenya to Zimbabwe, where they even partnered with Biblica to host an NFL football camp for kids.

Passionate about leveraging their platforms to help people engage with the Bible, Matt and Danielle helped launch and host the first Biblica-powered podcast, True vs. Truth. They also initiated a beautiful ministry partnership with Biblica in their home city of Chicago, where a Christ-centered afterschool program called By The Hand became the first nonprofit in North America to implement Biblica’s Reach4Life discipleship program for youth and teens.

Reflecting on the spiritual transformation that he’s witnessed in his home city, Matt says, “One thing that stands true is the light of God’s Word. It can never be overcome by darkness. We must be willing to shine His light in the right places, so people have an accurate idea of what it looks like to live according to God’s Word.”

Biblica gives thanks to God for the exemplary passion, generosity, and ministry of the Fortés!

“When we think about our faith and our relationships, so many times we put God in a box. Biblica does the complete opposite.”

Follow the Fortés’ Example and Share God’s Truth

As Global Ambassadors for Biblica, Danielle and Matt Forté are calling on all lovers of God’s Word to share the hope of the Gospel with those who do not have access to the Bible. Follow their beautiful example and share the love of Jesus with someone who needs it today!

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In this day of self-defined truth based on cultural norms and science, True vs. Truth podcast is meant to expose the myths and illusions plaguing truth through a focus on the absolute truth of God’s Living Word.

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YouVersion Reading Plans

F A T H E R S written by Matt Forté plays off the use of an acronym for some of the qualities we should have to reflect the character of our Heavenly Father.

A Mom’s Identity in Christ written by Danielle Forté reflects on faith, family and what it means to be a Christian mother and wife in today’s world.

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