Imagine walking through life’s most challenging situations without being able to read the Psalms or reference the Gospels.

This is the reality for almost one billion people. Families displaced by war and famine. Teens wrestling with identity. Pastors teaching in isolated areas. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Together, we get to bring the light of the Word into the lives of these people.

Through the Global Impact Fund, your investment will provide Bible resources to the areas of the world that need it most.

Countries where pastors are sharing one Bible for every six people. Cities where church planters must smuggle Bibles to avoid hostile governments. Towns where translators labor in secret so their neighbors can have access to Scripture. Homes where families struggle in a broken world without biblical support.

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The Global Impact Fund is an investment in the most needed areas of the globe. It provides a Bible to Kids in Crisis worldwide that receive a meal through one of our partner sponsorship ministries. It supplies church planters with Bible resources catered to the needs of the church in print, digital, and audio formats. It offers training and support to translators that are working to update the Bible into a language their friends can understand.
As the Gospel enters places of darkness, the outpouring of glorious light reveals God’s glory in areas it’s never been seen.

God is mobilizing His Word and we get to part of that together.

Whatever it takes.

Giving to the Global Impact Fund will ensure your investment goes towards Biblica projects that have the most urgent need globally.

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