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Biblica is seeking to raise $60,000 to impact 90,000 young people in Southeast Asia in 2018. Few projects provide the opportunity to impact so many for so little. For just $2, you can provide a resource called The Game of Life (a Bible with Luke and Acts) to 3 unreached teenagers in India.

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Using Soccer to Transform the Lives of Unreached Youth

At these sports camps, young people in India might show up for the athletics, but the “bonuses” they receive—discipleship, testimonies of Christian athletes in their country, and the Word of God—are life-changing. Our goal is to use the Game of Life literature at these sports camps to reach 90,000 young people in 2018 —and we need the help of compassionate, eternity-minded believers to make it happen.

What is the Game of Life?

A $2 Donation Gives God’s Word to 3 Kids

Every young person who attends the sports camp receives The Game of Life, a book that contains the entire text of Luke and Acts, plus five powerful testimonies from big league Indian soccer players. Some of the young people who attend The Game of Life sports camps are from Muslim homes.

Others are turning to athletics to escape heart-wrenching circumstances, including drug addiction or surviving as an orphan on the streets of India. For most of these young people, The Game of Life will be the first time they have received Scripture in any format.

And guess how much it costs to put The Game of Life book in the hands of a young person? Sixty-seven cents.

That’s 3 kids for $2.

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Because each copy of The Game of Life is being produced for less than 67 cents, it’s an opportunity for participating donors to reach a staggering number of lives. 

A donation of $100, for example, provides The Game of Life to about 150 young people, some of whom will share the Good News they hear with their families.

A gift of $500 puts Scripture (and the testimonies of Christ-following sports heroes) into the hands of 750 young people.

We know that when you donate, it means a sacrifice on your part, and we don’t take that lightly. We are so grateful for your willingness to give today, so that an unreached young person can experience hope and transformation today and for eternity.

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Share the Word. Join the Movement

Former Chicago Bears NFL athletes Rashied Davis, Matt Forte, Spice Adams, and Ray McElroy have united to help raise awareness of the #GoalCampaign for Game of Life. Watch these videos to learn more about how the Bible has impacted their lives.


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