Event Hosted by Biblica with Brian Pirkle, Dorian Usherwood, Alex Okland, and Jed Strange

Anyone else need a weekend to get away? Between starting or ending jobs, launching or selling businesses, facing family and health challenges, and navigating our crazy economy, we all need time to rest and recover! 

That’s why I’d like to invite you to join me this fall at Strange Farms. Located just an hour outside of Columbus, GA, Strange Farms is a dream location for all outdoor activities and the perfect place to get away. Together, we’ll spend a weekend enjoying the outdoors, gathering with new and old friends, having some fun, and taking time to recharge.

You’ll be my guest for an assortment of activities including fishing, hiking, range shooting, archery, and more! We’ll also be joined by my good friend Geof Morin, President of Biblica, who will share a little about the work his organization does in translating and making the Bible more accessible around the world. No hidden agendas, here! As you may know, I’m deeply connected to the goal of Bible translation and the vision of getting the Bible in the heart language of every person on the planet by 2033. While I’m excited to share that vision with you, the goal of the weekend is simply to give us all a chance to get together, relax, and escape for a few days!

Please join me…


Strange Farms in Ellaville, GA
(one hour southeast from Columbus, GA)



When: September 9-11, 2022

Registration deadline: Aug 14, 2022

No Cost to Attend

Contact Ted Draper if you have any questions about the weekend.

719.306.3583 | [email protected]


Friday, September 9
Event begins with dinner
Fire Pit Conversations

Saturday, September 10
Trifecta of Activities
Fishing, Hiking, Canoeing
Dinner with Chef Jarvis
Fire Pit Conversations

Sunday, September 11
Trifecta of Activities
Lake Activities
3:30 Departure


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