Digital Bibile Innovation

Blazing trails to reach exponentially more people with the Bible.

Biblica’s team of digital pioneers are committed to doing whatever it takes
to break down global barriers to the Bible.

Our motto? Try things no one else is trying to reach people no one else is reaching.

The ever-expanding landscape of digital technology offers
the church a historic opportunity to reach the whole world with the Good News of the Bible.
That’s why digital innovation powers everything we do at Biblica:

Faster Bible Translation

Too many language communities are still waiting for Bible access. Advanced tech solutions help us improve the speed and quality of Bible translation work.

Wider Bible Mobilization

While print Bibles are sometimes the best option, cloud-based platforms and mobile applications reach exponentially more people at a fraction of the cost.

Deeper Bible Engagement

Digital content consumption is the global norm. Deploying Bibles and Scripture programs through digital formats creates powerful, personal interactions with the Bible.

Flagship Digital Initiatives


Digital Training Library:

Designed in partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary, the Digital Training Library online education platform is designed to provide guidance, training, and knowledge to the next generation of Bible translators, improving speed and quality for the entire Bible translation movement.


The Tools.Bible platform was created to offer Bible translators an easy-to-use, centralized library of all the digital tools available for each phase in the Bible translation process. It houses data on features, capabilities, use-cases, and even testimonials from those who have first-hand experience using them on translation projects, making all that critical information searchable so that Bible translators can find and use the tools they need.

Digital Toolbox:

These enhanced plugins for the Bible translation software Paratext streamline the tedious but important work of Bible typesetters who prepare new Bible translations for public use. This allows more rapid access to God’s Word for the masses. Anyone can use these Open Software Licensing tools or develop enhancements to them.


Digital Biblica Study Bible:

Most digital Bible resources are built and optimized for Christians in the West — leaving Christians in the emerging world with an alarming lack of solid biblical resources. The Biblica Study Bible is a digital-first product aimed at church leaders in the global south. It assumes no background in biblical scholarship or theological terminology. And it’s available under Creative Commons licensing, which enables easy translation into hundreds of languages.

Single Language Bible Apps:

To complement Biblica’s physical distribution of Scripture, we mobilize our Bible translations via Single-Language Bible apps. These simple yet robust apps allow for users to access Scripture in low-bandwidth environments. To date, we have seen 2 million downloads across 35 different language apps. Find a digital Bible in your language today!

YouVersion Partnership:

Since 2009, Biblica has partnered with YouVersion to make our translations freely available on the platform. The Bible app is the leading Bible app with more than 550 million installed devices. Biblica translations had nearly 15 billion engagements from nearly 175 million users in 2022. We are grateful to be partnering with YouVersion to make the Bible freely available.


Reach4Life Mobile App:

Biblica’s Reach4Life is our flagship discipleship program for teens and young adults. It encourages positive life skills and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. More than 3 million youth have gone through this life-changing program worldwide. Moving this resource to a digital experience opens new markets for ministry and allows more youth to access this life-changing program.

Multimedia Scripture Engagement:

Mobilizing Scripture in multimedia formats is essential for a more immersive and life-changing experience. We use AI tools to generate audio companions for some of Biblica’s powerful Bible resources, such as our crisis response program, When Your Whole World Changes.