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Thanks to our community of faithful and generous investors, Biblica is also making God’s Word freely available in 85 translations around the world, especially to churches on the frontlines of reaching the poor, the marginalized, and the persecuted. Jesus poured out His compassion on the lost, overlooked, forgotten, and despised, showing that God’s love is for everyone, and we invite our supporters to follow in His footsteps.

Every day, we’re sharing Scripture in print, via audio, and online to reach as many people as possible. Through our growing Reach4Life youth movement, we’re helping young people understand the holiness of sexuality and find God’s will for their lives. Our Community Bible Experience helps whole churches mature in the faith. We partner with leaders in humanitarian aid to bring the hope of the Gospel to people in crisis. And there is so much more, thanks to our praying, giving friends.

We hope you’ll visit to explore more of our resources and how people like you can set God’s Word free in millions of lives.

May God bless your study of His Word!