Community Bible Experience is more than a Bible reading plan; it’s a tool for immersing your church in the Scriptures—and transforming the way you read. When you partner with us, we’ll provide everything you need at the lowest possible cost. Here’s how that partnership works.

Once you decide to bring Community Bible Experience to your church, we’ll sign a partnership agreement in which we commit to providing the best possible experience for your church. For your part, you’ll make sure your whole church is invited to participate, you’ll follow a few basic guidelines as you implement the campaign, and you’ll agree to cover the cost of providing this ministry tool to your church.

You can preview the full partnership agreement below.

Partnership agreement

Community Bible Experience is a partnership, not a product. We commit to serving your church as you immerse yourselves in Scripture. We commit to providing everything you need for this journey and supporting you every step of the way. In return, you commit to following a few steps to ensure the most transformative experience possible.

Our Part…

  • Providing everything you need for your journey, including:
    • Print copies of The Books of the Bible
    • Daily videos
    • Unlimited access to the digital campaign materials, including the daily videos, ebook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible, participant guides, and more
  • Supporting you all the way through. Your church will have access to a specialist from our team who will help you plan your campaign and answer any questions before, during, and after.
  • Partnering with you after your campaign is done. As we develop further Bible engagement resources, including other reading campaigns covering the rest of the Bible, your church will be invited to take part at the minimum possible cost.

Your Part…

  • Inviting your whole church to participate. Community Bible Experience works best if it’s a church-wide campaign, uniting everyone around the Bible. You and your church leadership will champion Community Bible Experience, inviting everyone to take part.
  • Following a few basic guidelines for your campaign:
    • Using the Community Bible Experience name and brand in all your materials (whether you use the ones we provide or create your own, which you are welcome to do!)
    • Encouraging participants to register for the daily videos and digital campaign resources
    • Using The Books of the Bible for your campaign and following the book-club model for your discussion groups
    • Gathering in weekly discussion groups for book club-style conversations about what you’ve read
  • Covering the cost of your campaign. You agree to pay the cost of the materials within 60 days, allowing you time to distribute the Scriptures. You can *return any unused Bibles, paying only for the ones you use in full cases only. Though it’s not required, you can also make a special gift at the end of your campaign to help fund Community Bible Experience.

*returns must be made within 2 weeks of the start date on unopened cases

What comes next?

Let us know if you’re interested in bringing Community Bible Experience to your church. When you do, we’ll get in touch to answer any questions you have.

Once you decide to participate, we’ll sign the partnership agreement and send your Bibles. You’ll also receive immediate access to the digital campaign materials, including eBook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible.

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