Community Bible Experience has one simple goal: change the way churches engage the Bible. Less like a reference book, more like a story. For many churches, our 8-week reading plan opens up a whole new conversation about Scripture and reignites a passion for its story.

A reading plan that actually works

Yearlong Bible reading plans were made for those with superhuman endurance, judging by the number that are discarded, usually around Leviticus. So we created a plan to help you read the whole New Testament in just 8 weeks. Easy? No. Achievable? Absolutely.

In fact, more than 80% of surveyed participants finished the entire New Testament on or ahead of schedule. That’s because it feels more like reading a book than doing a Bible study—and because you’re done in just 40 days.

Using the reading plan

There are 5 readings every week. For our New Testament campaign, each is around 12 pages long. The exact length varies slightly because each reading ends at a natural stopping point—the end of a book or at a natural section break within a book.

Every participant receives a bookmark with the reading plan along with their copy of The Books of the Bible. Partcipants using a digital version can follow the reading plan as well:

  • Using the eBook version, you can simply tap each day’s reading to get started.
  • The audio version is divided into one track for each day’s reading, making it simple to follow along.
  • The daily emails include a link to each day’s text and audio, along with a short video preparing readers for what’s ahead.

Preview the reading plan

Here’s a sneak preview from the first week of Community Bible Experience…

Week 1: Luke-Acts
Luke consists of a prologue and three main sections which tell the story of Jesus as he ministers in Galilee, journeys to Jerusalem, and lays down his life—only to rise again and become Ruler and Savior of the world.

Day 1: pages 1–11 (read until “…he left them until an opportune time.”
Day 2: pages 11–24 (read until “…whoever is not against you is for you.”)
Day 3: pages 24–33 (read until “…worked all through the dough.”)
Day 4: pages 33–42 (read until “…and kill them in front of me.”)
Day 5: pages 42–54 (read until the end of Luke)

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