Community Bible Experience is a lot simpler than most small group Bible studies or church-wide campaigns. It consists of a few basic ingredients—a Bible unlike any other, a 40-day reading plan, and book club-style conversations. You can ignite your church’s passion for the Bible in six easy steps.

1. Commit to reading as a church.

It starts with an 8-week journey through the New Testament.

2. Get your Bibles.

Participants read from The Books of the Bible, a groundbreaking edition of the NIV that restores a more natural presentation of the text. Each copy includes a bookmark with the reading plan and a download link to access the rest of the materials.

Learn more about The Books of the Bible

3. Cover the cost.

Each church covers the cost of their materials, $5 per participant, after distributing their Bibles. (Contact us for pricing and availability outside North America.) You don’t need to budget a large expense up front. You simply reimburse us after you’ve collected the cost from each participant. You can also *return any unused Bibles—though we doubt you’ll have any!

*returns must be made within 2 weeks of the start date on unopened cases

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4. Register for your digital materials.

Every participant who registers with us will get a daily campaign email with a short video preparing them for that day’s reading. In addition to the daily videos, participants can download ebook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible. Just follow the link on the bookmark.

See what’s included with your campaign

5. Read.

We provide a 40-day reading plan for the entire campaign. The exact length of each day’s reading varies, but most can be completed in 30 minutes or less. How you read is up to you. Participants can use their print Bible, ebook, or audio version (or all three).

Preview the New Testament reading plan

6. Discuss.

Participants gather in weekly discussion groups, but this is not another Bible study. It’s more like a book club. We provide 5 simple questions—discussion prompts to help you wrestle with the text. There are no workbooks, no fill-in-the-blank answers. Just honest, open conversation about the Bible.

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What comes next?

Let us know if you’d like to bring Community Bible Experience to your church. We’ll have one of our Community Bible Experience specialists get in touch to answer any questions and help you take the next step.

Once you decide to do Community Bible Experience, we’ll sign a partnership agreement with your church and send your Bibles. You’ll also have immediate access to all the digital campaign materials, including eBook and audio versions of The Books of the Bible.