New International Version

Romans 9:1-33

Paul’s Anguish Over Israel

1I speak the truth in Christ—I am not lying, my conscience confirms it through the Holy Spirit— 2I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart. 3For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race, 4the people of Israel. Theirs is the adoption to sonship; theirs the divine glory, the covenants, the receiving of the law, the temple worship and the promises. 5Theirs are the patriarchs, and from them is traced the human ancestry of the Messiah, who is God over all, forever praised!9:5 Or Messiah, who is over all. God be forever praised! Or Messiah. God who is over all be forever praised! Amen.

God’s Sovereign Choice

6It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel. 7Nor because they are his descendants are they all Abraham’s children. On the contrary, “It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned.”9:7 Gen. 21:12 8In other words, it is not the children by physical descent who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring. 9For this was how the promise was stated: “At the appointed time I will return, and Sarah will have a son.”9:9 Gen. 18:10,14

10Not only that, but Rebekah’s children were conceived at the same time by our father Isaac. 11Yet, before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad—in order that God’s purpose in election might stand: 12not by works but by him who calls—she was told, “The older will serve the younger.”9:12 Gen. 25:23 13Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”9:13 Mal. 1:2,3

14What then shall we say? Is God unjust? Not at all! 15For he says to Moses,

“I will have mercy on whom I have mercy,

and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”9:15 Exodus 33:19

16It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. 17For Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”9:17 Exodus 9:16 18Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden.

19One of you will say to me: “Then why does God still blame us? For who is able to resist his will?” 20But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ ”9:20 Isaiah 29:16; 45:9 21Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?

22What if God, although choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath—prepared for destruction? 23What if he did this to make the riches of his glory known to the objects of his mercy, whom he prepared in advance for glory— 24even us, whom he also called, not only from the Jews but also from the Gentiles? 25As he says in Hosea:

“I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my people;

and I will call her ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one,”9:25 Hosea 2:23


“In the very place where it was said to them,

‘You are not my people,’

there they will be called ‘children of the living God.’ ”9:26 Hosea 1:10

27Isaiah cries out concerning Israel:

“Though the number of the Israelites be like the sand by the sea,

only the remnant will be saved.

28For the Lord will carry out

his sentence on earth with speed and finality.”9:28 Isaiah 10:22,23 (see Septuagint)

29It is just as Isaiah said previously:

“Unless the Lord Almighty

had left us descendants,

we would have become like Sodom,

we would have been like Gomorrah.”9:29 Isaiah 1:9

Israel’s Unbelief

30What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith; 31but the people of Israel, who pursued the law as the way of righteousness, have not attained their goal. 32Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the stumbling stone. 33As it is written:

“See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes people to stumble

and a rock that makes them fall,

and the one who believes in him will never be put to shame.”9:33 Isaiah 8:14; 28:16

Mushuj Testamento Diospaj Shimi

Romanos 9:1-33

Diosca Pai munashca shinami agllan

1Cristopaj shutipimi nini, mana llullanichu. Ñuca yuyaipica, jucha illaj Espiritullatajmi yuyachicun. 2Punllantamari ñuca shungupica, jatun llaquihuan huañucuni. 3Ñuca quiquin aillupura huauquicunata quishpichingaraicuca, ñucallataj Cristomanta anchuchishca canatapish, jatun llaquita japinatapish munaimanmi. 4Pai israelcunatami, Diosca Paipaj quiquin huahuacunata rurashpa, Pai Dios sumaj cashcatapish ricuchirca. Paicunahuan ari ninacushpami, Mandashcatapish curca. Paita adoranapish, imallata cusha nishcacunapish paicunapajmi. 5Paicunaca ñaupa yayacunayujmi. Quishpichij Cristopish paicunapurapimi, runa aichayuj tucurca. Paica, tucuita Mandacuj Diosmari. Paitaca, huiñai huiñaita alli nishca cachun. Chashna cachun.

6Mana Taita Dioschu israelcunaman ari nishcata pʼaquirca. Ashtahuanpish yaya Israelmanta miraicunaca, manamari tucuicuna israelcunatajchu. 7Ñaupa yaya Abrahammanta mirarishcacunapish, mana tucuicuna paipaj huahuacunatajchu. Ashtahuanpish Diosmi, Abrahamtaca: «Cambaj churi Isaacmanta mirarishcacunallami, cambaj huahuacuna canga» nishca. 8Chashna nishpaca, mana paipaj huahua cashcallamanta, ‘Ña Diospaj huahuami’ nisha ninchu. Ashtahuanpish Dios cusha nishca shina huacharishca huahuacunami, paipaj huahuacunatajca. 9Diosca, Abrahamman churita cusha nishpami: «Cai punllacuna shinapimi shamusha. Chaipajca cambaj huarmi Saraca, cʼari huahuatami huachanga» nishca.

10Mana chaillachu, ashtahuanpish ñucanchij ñaupa yaya Isaacpaj huarmi Rebeca, huahuacunata huijsapiraj charicujpimi cashna tucurca: 11(Chai huahuacunaca manaraj huacharircachu, ima allitapish, ima mana allitapish manaraj rurarcachu. Paicuna huacharina ñaupamanmi, Taita Diosca, Pai maijanta agllasha nicushca shinallataj, agllashcata ricuchisha nirca. Mana maijan ima allita rurashpa ricuchishcamanta agllashcachu, Pai Diosmari chashna munarca). 12Chaimantami Rebecamanca: «Punta churimi, qʼuipa churita servinga» nirca. 13Dios Quillcachishcallapitajmi: «Jacobotami cʼuyarcani, Esautaca pʼiñarcanimi» nicun.

14Chashna cajpica, ¿ima nishuntaj? ¿Taita Dios chashna rurashpaca, mana rurana cashcatachu rurashca? ¡Ama chashnaca yuyashunchijchu! 15Diosca Moisestaca:

«Maijanta ñuca llaquisha nishcatami llaquisha.

Maijanta ñuca cʼuyasha nishcatami cʼuyasha» nishcami.

16Chashna cajpica, pita cashpapish mana quiquin munashcamanta, mana cashpaca ima allita rurashcamanta agllanchu. Ashtahuanpish Taita Diosca, llaquishcallamantami agllan. 17Chaimantami Dios Quillcachishcapica, Faraontaca cashna nin: «Ñucaca tucuita rurai tucuj cashcata canpi ricuchingapajpish, ñuca shutita tucui cai pachapi rijsichingapajpishmi, cantaca jatun mandaj cachun churarcani» ninmi. 18Shinashpaca Diosca, Pai llaquisha nishcatami llaquin, maijanpaj shunguta sinchiyachisha nishpapish, sinchiyachinllami.

19Caita uyashpaca: «Shinashpaca, ¿ima nishpataj Diosca ñucanchijta juchachin? Pai imata rurasha nishcataca, ¿pitaj jarcai tucungari?» ninguichari. 20Canca, ¿ima cashpataj Taita Diostaca chashna rimanguiari? Allpa platoca, paita rurajtaca: «¿Ima nishpataj ñucataca, “Chashna rurarcangui” ni tucunchari?» 21Allpamanta imatapish rurajca, ¿manachu chai allpallamantataj shuj platotaca ima allipajlla, shujtaca ima imapajpish rurai tucun?

22Cutin Taita Dios, Pai tucuita rurai tucuj cashcata ricuchingapaj, pʼiñarishpa chingachinalla, runacuna cajpipish, mana imata rurashpa shuyacushcallataca, ¿imatataj ningui? 23Shinallataj Diosca, Pai sumaj jatun cashcatami, Pai llaquishcacunamanca ricuchirca. Chashna rurashpa sumajyachingapajmi, paicunataca Paillataj ñaupaman allichishca. 24Pai chashna llaquishcacunatami, ñucanchij israelcunapuramantapish, mana israelcunapuramantapish cayashca. Ñucanchijmari chaicuna canchij. 25Chashna ruranatamari, Oseas libropica, cashna nishca:

«Mana ñucapaj cajcunatami, ‘Ñucapajmi canguichij’ nisha.

Manapish ñuca cʼuyashcatami, ñuca cʼuyashcacuna» nisha.

26«Cashnapishmi tucunga:

Maipimi, ‘Mana ñucapajchu canguichij’ nircani, chaillapitajmi:

‘Causaj Taita Diospaj huahuacunami’ nishca cangacuna» nishcami.

27Shinallataj Isaiaspish, israelcunamanta huillashpaca:

«Israelcunaca, mama cucha uri tʼiyu allpa shina cashpapish,

huaquincunallami quishpiringacuna.

28Mandaj Diosca, cai pachapi imata rurana tucushcataca,

tucui imalla rurasha nishcatami,

mana unaiyashpa pajtachinga» nishcami.

29Isaiasllatajmi ñaupaman cashnapish nishca:

«Tucuita Mandaj Dios,

huaquin huahuacunallatapish mana saquishca cajpica,

Sodoma shinami tucunchijman carca,

Gomorratajllami chingarinchijman carca» nishcami.

Israelcunaca alli huillaita mana chasquishcachu

30¿Cunanca ima nishuntaj? Mana israelcunaca, Dios paicunata ima juchachina illajta rurachunca mana mashcashcacunachu. Shina cashpapish, paicunarajmari crishcallamanta ima juchachina illaj tucushcacuna. 31Ashtahuanpish israelcunaca Mandashcahuanmi, ima juchachina illaj tucushun yuyarcacuna, Shina cashpapish ima juchachina illaj tucunataca, manataj pajtarcacunachu. 32¿Ima nishpashi mana pajtarcacuna? Paicunaca, Mandashcapi imalla nishcata rurashpalla, ima juchachina illaj tucushun yuyashpamari, Jesusta mana crircacuna. Chaimantami paicunaca, chai ñitcachij rumipi ñitcarircacuna. 33Chashna tucunatami cashna Quillcachishca:

«Riquichij, Sionpica ñitcachij rumita,

urmachij jatun rumitami churani.

Maijanpish Paita crijtaca, mana pingachishachu» nishcami.