New International Version

Isaiah 1:1-31

1The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

A Rebellious Nation

2Hear me, you heavens! Listen, earth!

For the Lord has spoken:

“I reared children and brought them up,

but they have rebelled against me.

3The ox knows its master,

the donkey its owner’s manger,

but Israel does not know,

my people do not understand.”

4Woe to the sinful nation,

a people whose guilt is great,

a brood of evildoers,

children given to corruption!

They have forsaken the Lord;

they have spurned the Holy One of Israel

and turned their backs on him.

5Why should you be beaten anymore?

Why do you persist in rebellion?

Your whole head is injured,

your whole heart afflicted.

6From the sole of your foot to the top of your head

there is no soundness—

only wounds and welts

and open sores,

not cleansed or bandaged

or soothed with olive oil.

7Your country is desolate,

your cities burned with fire;

your fields are being stripped by foreigners

right before you,

laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.

8Daughter Zion is left

like a shelter in a vineyard,

like a hut in a cucumber field,

like a city under siege.

9Unless the Lord Almighty

had left us some survivors,

we would have become like Sodom,

we would have been like Gomorrah.

10Hear the word of the Lord,

you rulers of Sodom;

listen to the instruction of our God,

you people of Gomorrah!

11“The multitude of your sacrifices—

what are they to me?” says the Lord.

“I have more than enough of burnt offerings,

of rams and the fat of fattened animals;

I have no pleasure

in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats.

12When you come to appear before me,

who has asked this of you,

this trampling of my courts?

13Stop bringing meaningless offerings!

Your incense is detestable to me.

New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations—

I cannot bear your worthless assemblies.

14Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals

I hate with all my being.

They have become a burden to me;

I am weary of bearing them.

15When you spread out your hands in prayer,

I hide my eyes from you;

even when you offer many prayers,

I am not listening.

Your hands are full of blood!

16Wash and make yourselves clean.

Take your evil deeds out of my sight;

stop doing wrong.

17Learn to do right; seek justice.

Defend the oppressed.1:17 Or justice. / Correct the oppressor

Take up the cause of the fatherless;

plead the case of the widow.

18“Come now, let us settle the matter,”

says the Lord.

“Though your sins are like scarlet,

they shall be as white as snow;

though they are red as crimson,

they shall be like wool.

19If you are willing and obedient,

you will eat the good things of the land;

20but if you resist and rebel,

you will be devoured by the sword.”

For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

21See how the faithful city

has become a prostitute!

She once was full of justice;

righteousness used to dwell in her—

but now murderers!

22Your silver has become dross,

your choice wine is diluted with water.

23Your rulers are rebels,

partners with thieves;

they all love bribes

and chase after gifts.

They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;

the widow’s case does not come before them.

24Therefore the Lord, the Lord Almighty,

the Mighty One of Israel, declares:

“Ah! I will vent my wrath on my foes

and avenge myself on my enemies.

25I will turn my hand against you;1:25 That is, against Jerusalem

I will thoroughly purge away your dross

and remove all your impurities.

26I will restore your leaders as in days of old,

your rulers as at the beginning.

Afterward you will be called

the City of Righteousness,

the Faithful City.”

27Zion will be delivered with justice,

her penitent ones with righteousness.

28But rebels and sinners will both be broken,

and those who forsake the Lord will perish.

29“You will be ashamed because of the sacred oaks

in which you have delighted;

you will be disgraced because of the gardens

that you have chosen.

30You will be like an oak with fading leaves,

like a garden without water.

31The mighty man will become tinder

and his work a spark;

both will burn together,

with no one to quench the fire.”

Akuapem Twi Contemporary Bible

Yesaia 1:1-31

1Saa anisoadehu a ɛfa Yuda ne Yerusalem ho no baa Amos babarima Yesaia so wɔ Yuda ahemfo Usia, Yotam, Ahas ne Hesekia mmere so.


2Ɔsoro, muntie! Asase, yɛ aso!

Na Awurade akasa:

“Matetew mma ama wɔanyinyin,

nanso wɔatew me so atua.

3Nantwi nim ne wura,

afurum nso nim ne wura mmoa adididaka,

nanso Israel nnim,

me nkurɔfo nte ase.”

4Nnome nka, amumɔyɛ man,

ɔman a wɔn afɔdi so,

nnebɔneyɛfo kuw,

mma a porɔwee ahyɛ wɔn ma!

Wɔatwe wɔn ho afi Awurade ho;

wɔapo Israel Kronkronni no,

wɔadan wɔn akyi akyerɛ no.

5Adɛn nti na mopɛ sɛ wɔkɔ so boro mo?

Adɛn nti na moda so tew atua?

Wɔapira mo ti,

na mo koma nso di yaw.

6Efi mo nan ase kosi mo ti so,

ahomeka biara nni mu,

apirakuru ne ahonhon nko ara

akuru a anim deda hɔ

na wɔnhohoro so anaa wɔnkyekyeree

anaa wɔmfaa ngo nsrasraa so ɛ.

7Mo man ada mpan,

wɔde ogya ahyehyew mo nkuropɔn;

ananafo regye mo mfuw

a mo ani tua,

na asɛe sɛnea ɛyɛɛ bere a ahɔho tuu mo gui no.

8Wɔagyaw Ɔbabea Sion

te sɛ bobeturo mu sese

te sɛ akuraa a esi ɛfere afuw mu,

te sɛ kuropɔn a atamfo atwa ho ahyia.

9Sɛ Asafo Awurade

annyaw yɛn asefo a,

anka yɛayɛ sɛ Sodom,

na yɛadan ayɛ sɛ Gomora.

10Muntie Awurade asɛm,

mo Sodom sodifo;

muntie yɛn Nyankopɔn mmara,

mo Gomorafo!

11“Mo afɔrebɔ ahorow bebree no,

dɛn na ɛyɛ ma me?”

Sɛnea Awurade se ni.

“Mewɔ ɔhyew afɔrebɔde ma ɛboro so,

nea ɛyɛ adwennini ne mmoa a wɔadɔ srade;

mʼani nnye

anantwinini, nguantenmma ne mpapo mogya ho.

12Sɛ moba mʼanim a

hena na obisa eyi fi mo hɔ,

sɛ mutiatia me fi yi?

13Munnyae afɔrebɔde a ɛmfra a mode ba no!

Mo aduhuam yɛ me tan.

Ɔsram foforo, homenna ne nhyiamu ahorow,

mo nhyiamu hunu no afono me.

14Mo ɔsram foforo afahyɛ ne mo aponto a moahyehyɛ,

me kra kyi.

Ayɛ adesoa ama me;

masoa abrɛ.

15Sɛ momema mo nsa so bɔ mpae a,

meyi mʼani ato nkyɛn.

Sɛ mobɔ mpae bebree mpo a


“Mogya bebree agu mo nsa ho fi.

16“Munnwira mo ho na mo ho ntew.

Munnyi mo nnebɔne mfi mʼani so!

Munnyae bɔneyɛ,

17Monyɛ papa! Monhwehwɛ atɛntrenee.

Monhyɛ wɔn a wɔhyɛ wɔn so nkuran

Munni mma ayisaa,

monka akunafo nsɛm mma wɔn.

18“Afei mommra na yennwen mmɔ mu,”

sɛnea Awurade se ni.

“Sɛ mo bɔne te sɛ ɔkɔben a,

ɛbɛyɛ fitaa sɛ sukyerɛmma;

mpo sɛ ɛyɛ kɔkɔɔ te sɛ mogya a

ɛbɛyɛ fitaa sɛ asaawa mfuturu.

19Sɛ mopene so na moyɛ osetie a,

mubedi asase no so nnepa.

20Na sɛ moampene na motew atua a,

afoa bedi mo nam.”

Awurade na wakasa.

21Hwɛ sɛnea kuropɔn nokwafo no

adan oguamanfo.

Bere bi, na atɛntrenee ahyɛ no ma

na anka trenee te ne mu,

nanso mprempren, awudifo ahyɛ mu ma!

22Wo dwetɛ adan ade a so nni mfaso,

wɔde nsu afra wo nsa papa mu.

23Wo sodifo yɛ atuatewfo,

akorɔmfo yɔnkonom;

wɔn nyinaa pɛ adanmude,

na wɔpere akyɛde ho.

Wonni mma ayisaa;

na akunafo nsɛm nkɔ wɔn anim.

24Enti, Awurade, Asafo Awurade,

nea ɔyɛ Ɔkɛse ma Israel no ka se,

“Aa, menya ahomegye afi mʼatamfo hɔ

na matɔ wɔn so were.

25Mɛma me nsa so, atia mo;

mɛhohoro mo ho fi korakora

na mayi mo ho nkekae nyinaa.

26Mɛma mo atemmufo bio sɛ kan no,

ne mo afotufo sɛnea na ɛte, mfiase no.

Eyi akyi no, wɔbɛfrɛ wo

Kuropɔn Trenee,

Kuropɔn Nokwafo.”

27Wɔde atɛntrenee begye Sion bio,

na wɔn a wonu wɔn ho no, wɔde trenee begye wɔn.

28Nanso atuatewfo ne nnebɔneyɛfo de, wɔbɛdwerɛw wɔn abɔ mu,

na wɔn a wɔpa Awurade akyi bɛyera.

29“Mo ani bewu, esiane odum anyame a

munyaa wɔn mu anigye no;

wobegu mo anim ase, esiane nturo

a mosom abosom wɔ mu no nti.

30Mobɛyɛ sɛ odum a ne nhaban apo,

ne turo a ennya nsu.

31Ɔhoɔdenfo bɛyɛ sɛ ade a ɛhyew ntɛm

nʼadwuma bɛyɛ sɛ ogya a aturuw;

abien no bɛhyew abɔ mu,

a obiara rentumi nnum.”