New International Version

Genesis 34:1-31

Dinah and the Shechemites

1Now Dinah, the daughter Leah had borne to Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land. 2When Shechem son of Hamor the Hivite, the ruler of that area, saw her, he took her and raped her. 3His heart was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob; he loved the young woman and spoke tenderly to her. 4And Shechem said to his father Hamor, “Get me this girl as my wife.”

5When Jacob heard that his daughter Dinah had been defiled, his sons were in the fields with his livestock; so he did nothing about it until they came home.

6Then Shechem’s father Hamor went out to talk with Jacob. 7Meanwhile, Jacob’s sons had come in from the fields as soon as they heard what had happened. They were shocked and furious, because Shechem had done an outrageous thing in34:7 Or against Israel by sleeping with Jacob’s daughter—a thing that should not be done.

8But Hamor said to them, “My son Shechem has his heart set on your daughter. Please give her to him as his wife. 9Intermarry with us; give us your daughters and take our daughters for yourselves. 10You can settle among us; the land is open to you. Live in it, trade34:10 Or move about freely; also in verse 21 in it, and acquire property in it.”

11Then Shechem said to Dinah’s father and brothers, “Let me find favor in your eyes, and I will give you whatever you ask. 12Make the price for the bride and the gift I am to bring as great as you like, and I’ll pay whatever you ask me. Only give me the young woman as my wife.”

13Because their sister Dinah had been defiled, Jacob’s sons replied deceitfully as they spoke to Shechem and his father Hamor. 14They said to them, “We can’t do such a thing; we can’t give our sister to a man who is not circumcised. That would be a disgrace to us. 15We will enter into an agreement with you on one condition only: that you become like us by circumcising all your males. 16Then we will give you our daughters and take your daughters for ourselves. We’ll settle among you and become one people with you. 17But if you will not agree to be circumcised, we’ll take our sister and go.”

18Their proposal seemed good to Hamor and his son Shechem. 19The young man, who was the most honored of all his father’s family, lost no time in doing what they said, because he was delighted with Jacob’s daughter. 20So Hamor and his son Shechem went to the gate of their city to speak to the men of their city. 21“These men are friendly toward us,” they said. “Let them live in our land and trade in it; the land has plenty of room for them. We can marry their daughters and they can marry ours. 22But the men will agree to live with us as one people only on the condition that our males be circumcised, as they themselves are. 23Won’t their livestock, their property and all their other animals become ours? So let us agree to their terms, and they will settle among us.”

24All the men who went out of the city gate agreed with Hamor and his son Shechem, and every male in the city was circumcised.

25Three days later, while all of them were still in pain, two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, took their swords and attacked the unsuspecting city, killing every male. 26They put Hamor and his son Shechem to the sword and took Dinah from Shechem’s house and left. 27The sons of Jacob came upon the dead bodies and looted the city where34:27 Or because their sister had been defiled. 28They seized their flocks and herds and donkeys and everything else of theirs in the city and out in the fields. 29They carried off all their wealth and all their women and children, taking as plunder everything in the houses.

30Then Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, “You have brought trouble on me by making me obnoxious to the Canaanites and Perizzites, the people living in this land. We are few in number, and if they join forces against me and attack me, I and my household will be destroyed.”

31But they replied, “Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?”

Asante Twi Contemporary Bible

1 Mose 34:1-31

Sekem Gu Dina Ho Fi

1Ɛda koro bi, Lea ne Yakob ba Dina firii adi kɔsraa mmabaawa a wɔwɔ wɔn mpɔtam hɔ no. 2Ɛberɛ a Hewifoɔhene Hamor babarima Sekem hunuu Dina no, ɔkyeree no kɔtoo no monnaa. 3Ɛfiri saa ɛberɛ no, Sekem tuu nʼani sii Yakob ba Dina so. Ɔbɔɔ mmɔden ara sɛ, ɔne no bɛkasa ama wapene so, na waware no. 4Ɛno enti, Sekem dii ho nkɔmmɔ kyerɛɛ nʼagya Hamor sɛ, “Mepɛ sɛ meware ababaawa yi, enti kɔka ne ho asɛm ma me!”

5Ɛberɛ a Yakob tee sɛ Sekem akɔkyere ne babaa Dina, akɔto no monnaa no, na ne mmammarima no nyinaa ne wɔn agya anantwie wɔ wiram. Enti, Yakob anka hwee kɔsii sɛ wɔbaeɛ.

6Asɛm yi akyiri no, Sekem agya Hamor kɔɔ Yakob nkyɛn ne no kɔdii nkɔmmɔ. 7Yakob mmammarima no tee wɔn nuabaa Dina ho asɛm pɛ, wɔfiri wiram hɔ baeɛ. Wɔn werɛ hoeɛ na wɔn bo nso fuu yie, ɛfiri sɛ Sekem ayɛ aniwudeɛ wɔ Israel. Ɔne Yakob babaa daeɛ, na yei yɛ akyiwadeɛ.

8Nanso, Hamor ka kyerɛɛ Yakob sɛ, “Me ba Sekem ani gye wo ba Dina ho. Mesrɛ wo, fa no ma no, na ɔnware no. 9Mo ne yɛnni awadeɛ. Momfa mo mmammaa mma yɛn, na yɛnware wɔn, na yɛn nso, yɛmfa yɛn mmammaa mma mo awadeɛ. 10Mobɛtumi ne yɛn atena. Asase yi nyinaa yɛ mo dea. Montena so, nni dwa wɔ so, mpɛ mu agyapadeɛ.”

11Afei, Sekem ka kyerɛɛ Dina agya ne ne nuammarima no sɛ “Monnye me ntom. Biribiara a mobɛgye me no, mɛtua. 12Ɔbaa no ti adeɛ ne biribiara a mobɛgye aka ho no, mommɔ ɛboɔ biara a mopɛ, na mɛtua. Deɛ ɛhia me ara ne sɛ, mode ababaawa no bɛma me aware.”

13Esiane sɛ na Sekem agu wɔn nuabaa Dina ho fi no enti, mmuaeɛ a wɔmaa Sekem ne nʼagya Hamor no anyɛ nokorɛ. Na mmom, na wɔwɔ adwene foforɔ bi wɔ akyire. 14Yakob mmammarima no ka kyerɛɛ Sekem ne nʼagya Hamor sɛ, “Yɛrentumi mfa yɛn nuabaa mma ɔbarima a ɔntwaa twetia awadeɛ. Sɛ yɛyɛ saa a, na yɛagu yɛn ho anim ase. 15Ansa na yɛde yɛn nuabaa bɛma wo awadeɛ no, gye sɛ woatwitwa wo mmarima nyinaa twetia te sɛ yɛn. 16Sɛ moyɛ saa deɛ a, yɛne mo bɛdi awadeɛ. Mobɛware yɛn mmaa, na yɛn nso, yɛaware mo mmaa. Yɛne mo bɛtena fɛfɛɛfɛ sɛ nnipa baako. 17Sɛ moampene so amma wɔantwitwa mo twetia deɛ a, yɛbɛgye yɛn nuabaa de no akɔ.”

18Asɛm a wɔkaeɛ no tɔɔ Hamor ne ne ba Sekem asom. 19Sekem a na ɔyɛ aberanteɛ a ɔdi mu wɔ nʼagya mma nyinaa mu no antwentwɛn ne nan ase koraa. Ɔkɔtwaa twetia no, sɛdeɛ Yakob mma no kaeɛ no, ɛfiri sɛ, na ɔpɛ Yakob babaa no yie. 20Enti, Hamor ne ne ba Sekem kɔbɔɔ dwa wɔ kuro no ɛpono ano ne ɛhɔ mmarima kɔkasaeɛ sɛ, 21“Yakob ne ne mma yi ne yɛn te yie. Mompene so na wɔne yɛn ntena yɛn asase yi so, na yɛnni edwa. Ɛfiri sɛ, yɛn asase yi so a yɛne wɔn bɛsene so. Yɛbɛtumi aware wɔn mmammaa, na wɔn nso bɛtumi aware yɛn deɛ. 22Nanso, ansa na wɔn mmarima no bɛpene so ne yɛn atena sɛ nnipa korɔ no, gye sɛ yɛn mmarima nyinaa twitwa twetia, sɛdeɛ wɔn nso wɔatwitwa twetia no. 23Sɛ ɛba saa a, wɔn mmoa, wɔn agyapadeɛ ne wɔn mmoa ahodoɔ a ɛkeka ho no nyinaa remmɛyɛ yɛn dea anaa? Enti, momma yɛmpene so mma wɔn, na yɛne wɔn ntena.”

24Mmarima a wɔkɔhyiaa Hamor ne ne ba Sekem wɔ kuro no ɛpono ano no nyinaa ne wɔn yɛɛ adwene maa mmarima a wɔwɔ kurom hɔ nyinaa twitwaa twetia.

Dina So Aweretɔ

25Nnansa akyiri a na twetiatwa no enti, kurom hɔ mmarima no nyinaa deda hɔ a wɔgye wɔn ho a ɛnnye no, Yakob mmammarima baanu Simeon ne Lewi a wɔyɛ Dina nuammarima no faa wɔn mpea. Wɔkɔto hyɛɛ kuro no so, ɛberɛ a wɔn ani nna wɔn ho so, kunkumm mmarima a wɔwɔ kurom hɔ nyinaa. 26Wɔde pea kumm Hamor ne ne ba Sekem, na wɔfaa wɔn nuabaa Dina firii Sekem fie de no kɔɔ wɔn nkyɛn. 27Yakob mmammarima a wɔaka no nso to hyɛɛ kuro no so. Wɔtiatiaa nnipa a wɔawuwu no so, fom kuro no mu nneɛma nyinaa pasaa, ɛfiri sɛ, ɛhɔ na Sekem guu wɔn nuabaa Dina ho fi. 28Wɔfom wɔn anantwie, wɔn nnwan, wɔn mfunumu ne wɔn agyapadeɛ biara a ɛwɔ kuro no mu ne deɛ ɛwɔ wiram nyinaa. 29Wɔfaa wɔn ahodeɛ, wɔn yerenom ne wɔn mmaa, fom wɔn afie mu nneɛma nyinaa.

30Afei, Yakob ka kyerɛɛ Simeon ne Lewi sɛ, “Mode ɔhaw abɛto me so, ama ɛnnɛ me ho koraa abɔn Perisifoɔ ne Kanaanfoɔ a mete wɔn asase so yi. Yɛn nnɔɔso. Sɛ wɔka wɔn ho bom, bɛto hyɛ yɛn so a, wɔbɛhye me ne mʼasefoɔ nyinaa.”

31Na wɔbuaa wɔn agya sɛ, “Enti, anka yɛntena hɔ nhwɛ na ɔnyɛ yɛn nuabaa sɛ odwamanfoɔ anaa?”