New International Version

Genesis 13:1-18

Abram and Lot Separate

1So Abram went up from Egypt to the Negev, with his wife and everything he had, and Lot went with him. 2Abram had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.

3From the Negev he went from place to place until he came to Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where his tent had been earlier 4and where he had first built an altar. There Abram called on the name of the Lord.

5Now Lot, who was moving about with Abram, also had flocks and herds and tents. 6But the land could not support them while they stayed together, for their possessions were so great that they were not able to stay together. 7And quarreling arose between Abram’s herders and Lot’s. The Canaanites and Perizzites were also living in the land at that time.

8So Abram said to Lot, “Let’s not have any quarreling between you and me, or between your herders and mine, for we are close relatives. 9Is not the whole land before you? Let’s part company. If you go to the left, I’ll go to the right; if you go to the right, I’ll go to the left.”

10Lot looked around and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan toward Zoar was well watered, like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt. (This was before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.) 11So Lot chose for himself the whole plain of the Jordan and set out toward the east. The two men parted company: 12Abram lived in the land of Canaan, while Lot lived among the cities of the plain and pitched his tents near Sodom. 13Now the people of Sodom were wicked and were sinning greatly against the Lord.

14The Lord said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, “Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. 15All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring13:15 Or seed; also in verse 16 forever. 16I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted. 17Go, walk through the length and breadth of the land, for I am giving it to you.”

18So Abram went to live near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron, where he pitched his tents. There he built an altar to the Lord.

Akuapem Twi Contemporary Bible

1 Mose 13:1-18

Abram Ne Lot Di Ntetewmu

1Abram tu fii Misraim. Ɔno, ne yere, Lot, nʼagyapade ne ne fifo nyinaa baa Negeb. 2Saa bere no na Abram anya ne ho a ɔwɔ nyɛmmoa, dwetɛ ne sikakɔkɔɔ pii.

3Ofii Negeb hɔ no, odii atutena ara koduu Bet-El, faako a odii kan sii ne ntamadan a ɛwɔ Bet-El ne Ai ntam no. 4Ɛhɔ na kan no osii nʼafɔremuka. Ɛhɔ nso na ɔkɔɔ so som Awurade.

5Na Lot a ɔne Abram nam no nso yɛ ɔdefo a ɔwɔ nguan, anantwi ne asomfo bebree. 6Esiane sɛ saa bere no na Abram ne Lot nyinaa anya wɔn ho, na wɔwɔ nguan, anantwi ne asomfo pii nti, na wɔnsen asase no so. 7Na akasakasa taa baa Abram mmoahwɛfo ne Lot mmoahwɛfo no ntam. Saa bere no na Kanaanfo ne Perisifo nso tete asase no so.

8Enti Abram ka kyerɛɛ Lot se, “Mesrɛ wo, mma akasakasa mma me ne wo anaa me mmoahwɛfo ne wo mmoahwɛfo ntam, efisɛ yɛyɛ anuanom. 9Ɛnyɛ asase no nyinaa na ɛda wʼanim yi? Ma yenni mpaapaemu. Sɛ wokɔ benkum a, mɛkɔ nifa, na sɛ wokɔ nifa nso a, mɛkɔ benkum.”

10Lot hwɛɛ ne ho hyiae, huu sɛ asase a ɛda Yordan ho no yɛ asasebere. Na nsu wɔ mu baabiara te sɛ Eden turo mu anaasɛ Misraim asase a ɛda Soar fam hɔ no ara pɛ. Saa bere no, na Awurade nnya nsɛee Sodom ne Gomora ɛ. 11Na Lot de nʼani kyerɛɛ apuei fam, faa asase a ɛda Yordan ho no. Eyi ne ɔkwan a Abram ne Lot faa so dii ntetewmu no. 12Abram tenaa Kanaan asase so. Na Lot nso dii atutena wɔ nkuropɔn a ɛwowɔ nsase tamaa no so, na okosii ne ntamadan wɔ baabi a ɛbɛn Sodom. 13Na nnipa a wɔwɔ Sodom kurow no mu no yɛ amumɔyɛfo a daa wɔyɛ bɔne akɛseakɛse de tia Awurade.

14Lot tew ne ho fii Abram ho akyi no, Awurade ka kyerɛɛ Abram se, “Afei, ma wʼani so hwɛ atifi fam, anafo fam, apuei fam ne atɔe fam. 15Mede asasetam a wʼani tua yi nyinaa bɛma wo ne wʼasefo afebɔɔ. 16Mɛma wʼasefo adɔɔso sɛ asase so mfutuma a obiara ntumi nkan. 17Sɔre, kɔ na kɔhwehwɛ asase no so nyinaa, efisɛ mede rema wo.”

18Enti Abram tutuu ne ntamadan bɛtenaa odum kwae bi a ɛyɛ Mamrɛ de wɔ Hebron no. Ɛhɔ na osii afɔremuka maa Awurade.