New International Version

Deuteronomy 28:1-68

Blessings for Obedience

1If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. 2All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God:

3You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.

4The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.

5Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed.

6You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

7The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.

8The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.

9The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the Lord your God and walk in obedience to him. 10Then all the peoples on earth will see that you are called by the name of the Lord, and they will fear you. 11The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity—in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground—in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you.

12The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. 13The Lord will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the Lord your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom. 14Do not turn aside from any of the commands I give you today, to the right or to the left, following other gods and serving them.

Curses for Disobedience

15However, if you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you:

16You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.

17Your basket and your kneading trough will be cursed.

18The fruit of your womb will be cursed, and the crops of your land, and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.

19You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.

20The Lord will send on you curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him.28:20 Hebrew me 21The Lord will plague you with diseases until he has destroyed you from the land you are entering to possess. 22The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish. 23The sky over your head will be bronze, the ground beneath you iron. 24The Lord will turn the rain of your country into dust and powder; it will come down from the skies until you are destroyed.

25The Lord will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will come at them from one direction but flee from them in seven, and you will become a thing of horror to all the kingdoms on earth. 26Your carcasses will be food for all the birds and the wild animals, and there will be no one to frighten them away. 27The Lord will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, festering sores and the itch, from which you cannot be cured. 28The Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind. 29At midday you will grope about like a blind person in the dark. You will be unsuccessful in everything you do; day after day you will be oppressed and robbed, with no one to rescue you.

30You will be pledged to be married to a woman, but another will take her and rape her. You will build a house, but you will not live in it. You will plant a vineyard, but you will not even begin to enjoy its fruit. 31Your ox will be slaughtered before your eyes, but you will eat none of it. Your donkey will be forcibly taken from you and will not be returned. Your sheep will be given to your enemies, and no one will rescue them. 32Your sons and daughters will be given to another nation, and you will wear out your eyes watching for them day after day, powerless to lift a hand. 33A people that you do not know will eat what your land and labor produce, and you will have nothing but cruel oppression all your days. 34The sights you see will drive you mad. 35The Lord will afflict your knees and legs with painful boils that cannot be cured, spreading from the soles of your feet to the top of your head.

36The Lord will drive you and the king you set over you to a nation unknown to you or your ancestors. There you will worship other gods, gods of wood and stone. 37You will become a thing of horror, a byword and an object of ridicule among all the peoples where the Lord will drive you.

38You will sow much seed in the field but you will harvest little, because locusts will devour it. 39You will plant vineyards and cultivate them but you will not drink the wine or gather the grapes, because worms will eat them. 40You will have olive trees throughout your country but you will not use the oil, because the olives will drop off. 41You will have sons and daughters but you will not keep them, because they will go into captivity. 42Swarms of locusts will take over all your trees and the crops of your land.

43The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. 44They will lend to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail.

45All these curses will come on you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the Lord your God and observe the commands and decrees he gave you. 46They will be a sign and a wonder to you and your descendants forever. 47Because you did not serve the Lord your God joyfully and gladly in the time of prosperity, 48therefore in hunger and thirst, in nakedness and dire poverty, you will serve the enemies the Lord sends against you. He will put an iron yoke on your neck until he has destroyed you.

49The Lord will bring a nation against you from far away, from the ends of the earth, like an eagle swooping down, a nation whose language you will not understand, 50a fierce-looking nation without respect for the old or pity for the young. 51They will devour the young of your livestock and the crops of your land until you are destroyed. They will leave you no grain, new wine or olive oil, nor any calves of your herds or lambs of your flocks until you are ruined. 52They will lay siege to all the cities throughout your land until the high fortified walls in which you trust fall down. They will besiege all the cities throughout the land the Lord your God is giving you.

53Because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege, you will eat the fruit of the womb, the flesh of the sons and daughters the Lord your God has given you. 54Even the most gentle and sensitive man among you will have no compassion on his own brother or the wife he loves or his surviving children, 55and he will not give to one of them any of the flesh of his children that he is eating. It will be all he has left because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege of all your cities. 56The most gentle and sensitive woman among you—so sensitive and gentle that she would not venture to touch the ground with the sole of her foot—will begrudge the husband she loves and her own son or daughter 57the afterbirth from her womb and the children she bears. For in her dire need she intends to eat them secretly because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege of your cities.

58If you do not carefully follow all the words of this law, which are written in this book, and do not revere this glorious and awesome name—the Lord your God— 59the Lord will send fearful plagues on you and your descendants, harsh and prolonged disasters, and severe and lingering illnesses. 60He will bring on you all the diseases of Egypt that you dreaded, and they will cling to you. 61The Lord will also bring on you every kind of sickness and disaster not recorded in this Book of the Law, until you are destroyed. 62You who were as numerous as the stars in the sky will be left but few in number, because you did not obey the Lord your God. 63Just as it pleased the Lord to make you prosper and increase in number, so it will please him to ruin and destroy you. You will be uprooted from the land you are entering to possess.

64Then the Lord will scatter you among all nations, from one end of the earth to the other. There you will worship other gods—gods of wood and stone, which neither you nor your ancestors have known. 65Among those nations you will find no repose, no resting place for the sole of your foot. There the Lord will give you an anxious mind, eyes weary with longing, and a despairing heart. 66You will live in constant suspense, filled with dread both night and day, never sure of your life. 67In the morning you will say, “If only it were evening!” and in the evening, “If only it were morning!”—because of the terror that will fill your hearts and the sights that your eyes will see. 68The Lord will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you.

Bíbélì Mímọ́ Yorùbá Òde Òn

Deuteronomi 28:1-68

Ìbùkún fún ìgbọ́ràn

128.1-14: Le 26.3-45.Bí ìwọ bá gbọ́rọ̀ sí Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ ní kíkún kí o sì kíyèsára láti tẹ̀lé gbogbo ohun tí ó pàṣẹ tí mo fi fún ọ lónìí, Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ yóò gbé ọ lékè ju gbogbo orílẹ̀-èdè ayé lọ. 2Gbogbo ìbùkún yìí yóò wá sórí rẹ yóò sì máa bá ọ lọ bí o bá gbọ́rọ̀ sí Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ:

3Ìbùkún ni fún ọ ni ìlú, ìbùkún ni fún ọ ní oko.

4Ìbùkún ni fún ọmọ inú rẹ, àti èso ilẹ̀ rẹ, àti irú ohun ọ̀sìn rẹ àti ìbísí i màlúù rẹ àti ọmọ àgùntàn rẹ.

5Ìbùkún ni fún agbọ̀n rẹ àti fún ọpọ́n ipò ìyẹ̀fun rẹ.

6Ìbùkún ni fún ọ nígbà tí ìwọ bá wọlé, ìbùkún ni fún ọ nígbà tí ìwọ bá jáde.

7Olúwa yóò gbà fún ọ pé gbogbo ọ̀tá tí ó dìde sí ọ yóò bì ṣubú níwájú rẹ. Wọn yóò tọ̀ ọ́ wá ní ọ̀nà kan ṣùgbọ́n wọn yóò sá fún ọ ní ọ̀nà méje.

8Olúwa yóò rán ìbùkún sí ọ àti sí ohun gbogbo tí o bá dáwọ́ rẹ lé. Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ yóò bùkún un fún ọ nínú ilẹ̀ tí ó ń fi fún ọ.

9Olúwa yóò fi ọ́ múlẹ̀ bí ènìyàn mímọ́, bí ó ti ṣe ìlérí fún ọ lórí ìbúra, bí o bá pa àṣẹ Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ mọ́ tí o sì ń rìn ní ọ̀nà rẹ̀. 10Nígbà náà ni gbogbo ènìyàn tí ó wà ní ayé yóò rí i pé a pè ọ́ ní orúkọ Olúwa, wọn yóò sì bẹ̀rù rẹ. 11Olúwa yóò fi àlàáfíà fún ọ ní ẹ̀kúnrẹ́rẹ́, fún ọmọ inú rẹ, irú ohun ọ̀sìn rẹ àti àwọn èso ilẹ̀ rẹ ní ilẹ̀ tí ó ti búra fún àwọn baba ńlá rẹ láti fún ọ.

12Olúwa yóò ṣí ọ̀run sílẹ̀, ìṣúra rere rẹ̀ fún ọ, láti rọ òjò sórí ilẹ̀ rẹ ní àsìkò rẹ àti láti bùkún gbogbo iṣẹ́ ọwọ́ ọ̀ rẹ. Ìwọ yóò yá ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ orílẹ̀-èdè ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kò ní í yá lọ́wọ́ ẹnìkankan. 13Olúwa yóò fi ọ́ ṣe orí, ìwọ kì yóò sì jẹ́ ìrù. Bí o bá fi etí sílẹ̀ sí àṣẹ Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ tí mo fi fún ọ kí o sì máa rọra tẹ̀lé wọn, ìwọ yóò máa wà lókè, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni ìwọ kì yóò wà ní ìsàlẹ̀ láé. 14Má ṣe yà sọ́tùn tàbí sósì kúrò, nínú èyíkéyìí àwọn àṣẹ tí mo fi fún ọ ní òní yìí, kí o má ṣe tẹ̀lé àwọn ọlọ́run mìíràn láti máa sìn wọ́n.

Ègún fún àìgbọ́ràn

15Ṣùgbọ́n bí o kò bá gbọ́ ti Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ kí o sì rọra máa tẹ̀lé gbogbo àṣẹ àti òfin rẹ̀ tí mò ń fún ọ lónìí, gbogbo ègún yìí yóò wá sórí rẹ yóò sì máa bá ọ lọ:

16Ègún ni fún ọ ní ìlú, ègún ni fún ọ ní oko.

17Ègún ni fún Agbọ̀n rẹ àti ọpọ́n ìpo-fúláwà rẹ.

18Ègún ni fún ọmọ inú rẹ, àti èso ilẹ̀ rẹ, ìbísí màlúù rẹ àti ọmọ àgùntàn rẹ.

19Ègún ni fún ọ nígbà tí o bá wọlé ègún sì ni fún ọ nígbà tí ìwọ bá jáde.

20Olúwa yóò rán ègún sórí rẹ, rúdurùdu àti ìfibú nínú gbogbo ohun tí o bá dáwọ́ rẹ lé, títí ìwọ yóò fi parun àti wá sí ìparun lójijì nítorí búburú tí o ti ṣe ní kíkọ̀ mi sílẹ̀. 21Olúwa yóò fi àjàkálẹ̀-ààrùn bá ọ jà títí tí yóò fi pa ọ́ run kúrò ní ilẹ̀ tí ò ń wọ̀ lọ láti ní. 22Olúwa yóò kọlù ọ́ pẹ̀lú ààrùn ìgbẹ́, pẹ̀lú ibà àti àìsàn wíwú, pẹ̀lú ìjóni ńlá àti idà, pẹ̀lú ìrẹ̀dànù àti ìmúwòdù tí yóò yọ ọ́ lẹ́nu títí ìwọ yóò fi parun. 23Ojú ọ̀run tí ó wà lórí rẹ yóò jẹ́ idẹ, ilẹ̀ tí ń bẹ níṣàlẹ̀ rẹ yóò sì jẹ́ irin. 24Olúwa yóò yí òjò ilẹ̀ rẹ sí eruku àti ẹ̀tù; láti ọ̀run ni yóò ti máa sọ̀kalẹ̀ sí ọ, títí tí ìwọ yóò fi run.

25Olúwa yóò fi ọ́ gégùn ún láti ṣubú níwájú àwọn ọ̀tá rẹ. Ìwọ yóò tọ̀ wọ́n wá ní ọ̀nà kan ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ yóò sá fún wọn ní ọ̀nà méje, ìwọ yóò sì padà di ohun ìbẹ̀rù fún gbogbo ìjọba lórí ayé. 26Òkú rẹ yóò jẹ́ oúnjẹ fún gbogbo ẹyẹ ojú ọ̀run àti fún ẹranko ayé, àti pé kò ní sí ẹnikẹ́ni tí yóò lé wọn kúrò. 27Olúwa yóò bá ọ jà pẹ̀lú oówo, Ejibiti àti pẹ̀lú kókó, ojú egbò kíkẹ̀ àti ìhúnra. 28Olúwa yóò bá ọ jà pẹ̀lú ìsínwín, ojú fífọ́ àti rúdurùdu àyà. 29Ní ọ̀sán gangan ìwọ yóò fi ọwọ́ tálẹ̀ kiri bí ọkùnrin afọ́jú nínú òkùnkùn ìwọ kì yóò ṣe àṣeyọrí nínú ohun gbogbo tí o bá ń ṣe, ojoojúmọ́ ni wọn yóò máa ni ọ́ lára àti jà ọ́ ní olè, tí kò sì ní í sí ẹnìkan láti gbà ọ́.

30Ìwọ yóò gba ògo láti fẹ́ obìnrin kan ṣùgbọ́n ẹlòmíràn yóò gbà á yóò sì tẹ́ ẹ́ ní ògo. Ìwọ yóò kọ́ ilé, ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kì yóò gbé ibẹ̀. Ìwọ yóò gbin ọgbà àjàrà, ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kò tilẹ̀ ní gbádùn èso rẹ. 31Màlúù rẹ yóò di pípa níwájú rẹ, ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kì yóò jẹ nǹkan kan nínú rẹ̀. Kẹ́tẹ́kẹ́tẹ́ rẹ yóò sì di mímú pẹ̀lú agbára kúrò lọ́dọ̀ rẹ, a kì yóò sì da padà. Àgùntàn rẹ yóò di mímú fún àwọn ọ̀tá rẹ, ẹnìkankan kò sì ní gbà á. 32Àwọn ọmọkùnrin àti ọmọbìnrin rẹ yóò di mímú fún àwọn orílẹ̀-èdè mìíràn, ìwọ yóò sì fi ojú rẹ ṣọ́nà dúró dè wọ́n láti ọjọ́ dé ọjọ́, ìwọ yóò sì jẹ́ aláìlágbára láti gbé ọwọ́. 33Èso ilẹ̀ rẹ àti gbogbo iṣẹ́ làálàá rẹ ni orílẹ̀-èdè mìíràn tí ìwọ kò mọ̀ yóò sì jẹ, ìwọ yóò jẹ́ kìkì ẹni ìnilára àti ẹni ìtẹ̀mọ́lẹ̀ 34Ìran tí ojú rẹ yóò rí, yóò sọ ọ́ di òmùgọ̀. 35Olúwa yóò lu eékún àti ẹsẹ̀ rẹ pẹ̀lú oówo dídùn tí kò le san tán láti àtẹ̀lé méjèèjì rẹ lọ sí òkè orí rẹ.

36Olúwa yóò lé ọ àti ọba tí ó yàn lórí rẹ lọ sí orílẹ̀-èdè tí ìwọ kò mọ̀ tàbí ti àwọn baba rẹ kò mọ̀. Ibẹ̀ ni ìwọ̀ yóò sì sin ọlọ́run mìíràn, ọlọ́run igi àti òkúta. 37Ìwọ yóò di ẹni ìyanu, àti ẹni òwe, àti ẹni ìfisọ̀rọ̀ sọ nínú gbogbo orílẹ̀-èdè tí Olúwa yóò darí rẹ sí.

38Ìwọ yóò gbin irúgbìn púpọ̀ ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ yóò kórè kékeré, nítorí eṣú yóò jẹ ẹ́ run. 39Ìwọ yóò gbin ọgbà àjàrà púpọ̀ ìwọ yóò sì ro wọ́n ṣùgbọ́n kò ní mú wáìnì náà tàbí kó àwọn èso jọ, nítorí kòkòrò yóò jẹ wọ́n run. 40Ìwọ yóò ní igi olifi jákèjádò ilẹ̀ rẹ ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kò ní lo òróró náà, nítorí olifi náà yóò rẹ̀ dànù. 41Ìwọ yóò ní àwọn ọmọkùnrin àti ọmọbìnrin ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ kò nípa wọ́n mọ́, nítorí wọn yóò lọ sí ìgbèkùn. 42Ọ̀wọ́ eṣú yóò gba gbogbo àwọn igi rẹ àti àwọn èso ilẹ̀ rẹ.

43Àjèjì tí ń gbé láàrín rẹ yóò gbé sókè gíga jù ọ́ lọ, ṣùgbọ́n ìwọ yóò máa di ìrẹ̀sílẹ̀. 44Yóò yà ọ́, ṣùgbọ́n o kì yóò yà á, òun ni yóò jẹ́ orí, ìwọ yóò jẹ́ ìrù.

45Gbogbo ègún yìí yóò wá sórí rẹ, wọn yóò lé ọ wọn yóò sì bá ọ títí tí ìwọ yóò fi parun, nítorí ìwọ kò gbọ́rọ̀ sí Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ, ìwọ kò sì kíyèsi àṣẹ àti òfin tí ó fi fún ọ. 46Wọn yóò jẹ́ ààmì àti ìyanu fún ọ àti fún irú-ọmọ rẹ títí láé. 47Nítorí ìwọ kò sin Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ ní ayọ̀ àti inú dídùn ní àkókò àlàáfíà. 48Nítorí náà nínú ebi àti òǹgbẹ, nínú ìhòhò àti àìní búburú, ìwọ yóò sin àwọn ọ̀tá à rẹ tí Olúwa rán sí ọ. Yóò sì fi àjàgà irin bọ̀ ọ́ ní ọrùn, títí yóò fi run ọ́.

4928.49: 1Kọ 14.21.Olúwa yóò mú àwọn orílẹ̀-èdè wá sí ọ láti ọ̀nà jíjìn, bí òpin ayé, bí idì ti ń bẹ́ láti orí òkè sílẹ̀, orílẹ̀-èdè tí ìwọ kò gbọ́ èdè wọn. 50Orílẹ̀-èdè tí ó rorò tí kò ní ojúrere fún àgbà tàbí àánú fún ọmọdé. 51Wọn yóò jẹ ohun ọ̀sìn rẹ run àti àwọn èso ilẹ̀ rẹ títí tí ìwọ yóò fi parun. Wọn kì yóò fi hóró irúgbìn kan fún ọ, wáìnì tuntun tàbí òróró, tàbí agbo ẹran màlúù rẹ kankan tàbí ọ̀wọ́ ẹran àgùntàn rẹ títí ìwọ yóò fi run. 52Wọn yóò gbógun ti gbogbo ìlú rẹ títí tí odi ìdáàbòbò gíga yẹn tí ìwọ gbẹ́kẹ̀lé yóò fi wó lulẹ̀. Wọn yóò gbógun ti gbogbo ìlú rẹ jákèjádò ilẹ̀ tí Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ ń fún ọ.

53Ìwọ ó sì jẹ èso ọmọ inú rẹ̀, ẹran-ara àwọn ọmọ rẹ ọkùnrin àti ti àwọn ọmọ rẹ obìnrin tí Olúwa Ọlọ́run ti fi fún ọ; nínú ìdótì náà àti nínú ìhámọ́ náà tí àwọn ọ̀tá rẹ yóò há ọ mọ́. 54Ọkùnrin tí àwọ̀ rẹ̀ tutù nínú yín, tí ó sì ṣe ẹlẹgẹ́, ojú rẹ̀ yóò korò sí arákùnrin rẹ̀ àti sí aya oókan àyà rẹ̀, àti sí ìyókù ọmọ rẹ̀ tí òun jẹ kù, 55Bẹ́ẹ̀ ni kì yóò fún ẹnikẹ́ni nínú ẹran-ara àwọn ọmọ rẹ̀ tí ó ń jẹ, nítorí kò sí ohun kan tí ó kù sílẹ̀ fún un nínú ìdótì náà àti ìhámọ́, tí àwọn ọ̀tá yóò fi há ọ mọ́ ní ibodè rẹ gbogbo. 56Obìnrin tí àwọ̀ rẹ̀ tutù nínú yín, tí ó sì ṣe ẹlẹgẹ́, tí kò jẹ́ dáṣà láti fi àtẹ́lẹsẹ̀ ẹ rẹ̀ kan ilẹ̀ nítorí ìkẹ́ra àti ìwà ẹlẹgẹ́, ojú u rẹ̀ yóò korò sí ọkọ oókan àyà rẹ̀, àti sí ọmọ rẹ̀ ọkùnrin, àti ọmọ rẹ̀ obìnrin, 57àti sí ọmọ rẹ̀ tí ó ti agbede-méjì ẹsẹ̀ rẹ̀ jáde, àti sí àwọn ọmọ rẹ̀ tí yóò bí. Nítorí òun ó jẹ wọ́n ní ìkọ̀kọ̀, nítorí àìní ohunkóhun nínú ìdótì àti ìhámọ́ náà, tí àwọn ọ̀tá yóò fi há ọ mọ́ ní ibodè rẹ.

58Bí ìwọ kò bá rọra tẹ̀lé gbogbo àwọn ọ̀rọ̀ òfin yìí, tí a kọ sínú ìwé yìí, tí ìwọ kò sì bu ọlá fún ògo yìí àti orúkọ dáradára: orúkọ Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ, 59Olúwa yóò sọ ìyọnu rẹ di ìyanu, àti ìyọnu irú-ọmọ ọ̀ rẹ, àní àwọn ìyọnu ńlá èyí tí yóò pẹ́, àti ààrùn búburú èyí tí yóò pẹ́. 60Olúwa yóò mú gbogbo ààrùn Ejibiti tí ó mú ẹ̀rù bà ọ́ wá padà bá ọ, wọn yóò sì lẹ̀ mọ́ ọ. 61Olúwa yóò tún mú onírúurú àìsàn àti ìpọ́njú tí a kò kọ sínú Ìwé Òfin yìí wá sórí rẹ, títí ìwọ yóò fi run. 62Ìwọ tí ó dàbí àìmoye bí ìràwọ̀ ojú ọ̀run yóò ṣẹ́ku kékeré níye, nítorí tí o kò ṣe ìgbọ́ràn sí Olúwa Ọlọ́run rẹ. 63Gẹ́gẹ́ bí ó ti dùn mọ́ Olúwa nínú láti mú ọ ṣe rere àti láti pọ̀ si ní iye, bẹ́ẹ̀ ni yóò dùn mọ́ ọ nínú láti bì ọ́ ṣubú kí ó sì pa ọ́ run. Ìwọ yóò di fífà tu kúrò lórí ilẹ̀ tí ò ń wọ̀ lọ láti ní.

64Nígbà náà ni Olúwa yóò fọ́n ọ ká láàrín gbogbo orílẹ̀-èdè, láti òpin kan ní ayé sí òmíràn. Níbẹ̀ ni ìwọ yóò ti sin ọlọ́run mìíràn: ọlọ́run igi àti ti òkúta. Èyí tí ìwọ àti àwọn baba rẹ kò mọ̀. 65Ìwọ kì yóò sinmi láàrín àwọn orílẹ̀-èdè náà, kò sí ibi ìsinmi fún àtẹ́lẹsẹ̀ rẹ. Níbẹ̀ ni Olúwa yóò ti fún ọ ní ọkàn ìnàngà, àárẹ̀ ojú, àti àìnírètí àyà. 66Ìwọ yóò gbé ní ìdádúró ṣinṣin, kún fún ìbẹ̀rùbojo lọ́sàn án àti lóru, bẹ́ẹ̀ kọ́ láé ni ìwọ yóò rí i ní àrídájú wíwà láyé rẹ. 67Ìwọ yóò wí ní òwúrọ̀ pé, “Bí ó tilẹ̀ lè jẹ́ pé ìrọ̀lẹ́ nìkan ni!” Nítorí ẹ̀rù tí yóò gba ọkàn rẹ àti ìran tí ojú rẹ yóò máa rí. 68Olúwa yóò rán ọ padà nínú ọkọ̀ sí Ejibiti sí ìrìnàjò tí mo ní ìwọ kì yóò lọ mọ́. Níbẹ̀ ni ìwọ yóò tún fi ara rẹ fún àwọn ọ̀tá à rẹ gẹ́gẹ́ bí ẹrúkùnrin àti ẹrúbìnrin, ṣùgbọ́n kò sí ẹni tí yóò rà ọ́.