New International Version

Acts 6:1-15

The Choosing of the Seven

1In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenistic Jews6:1 That is, Jews who had adopted the Greek language and culture among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. 2So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. 3Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them 4and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

5This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism. 6They presented these men to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.

7So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.

Stephen Seized

8Now Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, performed great wonders and signs among the people. 9Opposition arose, however, from members of the Synagogue of the Freedmen (as it was called)—Jews of Cyrene and Alexandria as well as the provinces of Cilicia and Asia—who began to argue with Stephen. 10But they could not stand up against the wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke.

11Then they secretly persuaded some men to say, “We have heard Stephen speak blasphemous words against Moses and against God.”

12So they stirred up the people and the elders and the teachers of the law. They seized Stephen and brought him before the Sanhedrin. 13They produced false witnesses, who testified, “This fellow never stops speaking against this holy place and against the law. 14For we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and change the customs Moses handed down to us.”

15All who were sitting in the Sanhedrin looked intently at Stephen, and they saw that his face was like the face of an angel.

Mushuj Testamento Diospaj Shimi

Hechos 6:1-15

Crijcunata servichunmi canchista agllashcacuna

1Chai punllacunapica, achca israelcunami crishpa mirarircacuna. Paicunapuramanta shujcunaca griegota, shujcunaca arameota rimajcunami carca. Punllanta micunata raquicujpimi, griegota rimajcunaca, paicunapura ‘Viudacunaman mana alli caran’ nishpa juchachircacuna. 2Chashna ninacujta uyashpaca, huillagrichun Jesús mingashca chunga ishquicunaca, tucui crijcunata tandachishpami, cashna nirca: «Ñucanchijpajca, Taita Diospaj Shimita huillanata saquishpa, micunallata raquinaca mana allichu yuyachin. 3Chaimanta huauquicuna, cancunapurallamantataj, alli causaj, jucha illaj Espirituhuan junda, canchis runacunata agllaichij. Micunata raquinataca paicunaman mingashunchij. 4Paicuna chaita ruracujpica, ñucanchijca Diosta mañanapi, Paipaj Shimita huillanallapimi yuyaita churashun» nircacunami.

5Paicuna chashna nishcaca, tucui crijcunapaj yuyaipi allimi carca. Chaimantami Estebanta agllarcacuna. Paica alli crijpish, jucha illaj Espirituhuan jundapishmi carca. Shinallataj Felipeta, Procorota, Nicanorta, Timonta, Parmenasta, Antioquiamanta Nicolastapishmi agllarcacuna. Nicolasca, israelcuna yachachishcata catijmi cashca carca. 6Ña chashna agllashpaca, huillagrichun Jesús mingashcacunapajmanmi pushamurcacuna. Paicunami, chai runacunapaj jahuapi maquita churashpa, Diosta mañarcacuna.

7Jerusalenpica, Mandaj Diospaj Shimita ashtahuan huillajpica, achcacunami crishpa mirarcacuna. Shinallataj curacunapish, achcacunami Jesusta crishpa catircacuna.

Estebantami preźu japishcacuna

8Estebanca, Dios jatunta cʼuyashca, imatapish rurai tucujmi carca. Chaimantami israelcunapurapica, tucui laya milagrocunatapish, señalcunatapish ruraj carca. 9Chashna rurashpa puricujpica, cacharirimushcacunami, paicuna tandanacuna huasimanta taucacuna Estebanhuan rimanacungapaj shamurcacuna. Paicunapurapica Cirene, Alejandría pueblocunamanta, Cilicia, Asia llajtacunamantapishmi carcacuna. 10Diospaj Espíritu yuyaita cushpa, Estebanta rimachijpimi, chai runacunaca, paihuanca mana chʼimbapurai tucurcacuna. 11Chaimantami maijancunaman: «Ñucanchijca, cai runataca Moisestapish, Taita Diostapish cʼamishpa rimajtami uyarcanchij» nichun yachachishpa, cullquita curcacuna.

12Chashna yuyarinacushpaca, tucui gentecunatapish, cunaj yuyajcunatapish, Mandashcata yachachijcunatapishmi jatarichircacuna. Ña tandanacushpaca, Estebanta japishpami, tandanacushca mandajcunapaj ñaupajman pusharcacuna. 13Shinallataj llullashpa juchachichun, paicuna pushamushca runacunapish, cashnami nircacuna: «Cai runaca Diospajlla huasitapish, Mandashcatapish cʼaminata mana saquinchu. 14“Chai Nazaretmanta Jesusca, Diospaj huasita urmachingami, imalla ruraicunata Moisés ñucanchijman yachachishcatapish chingachishpa, shujtajta yachachingami” nijtapishmi uyarcanchij» nircacunami.

15Chaipi tandanacushca tiyacuj tucui mandajcunami, Estebanpaj ñahuita chaparacurcacuna. Paicuna chaparacujpica, ñapish Estebanpaj ñahuica, angelpaj ñahui shina tucurcallami.