New International Version

1 Peter 1:1-25

1Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ,

To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, 2who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood:

Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

Praise to God for a Living Hope

3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you, 5who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. 6In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. 8Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, 9for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls.

10Concerning this salvation, the prophets, who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, 11trying to find out the time and circumstances to which the Spirit of Christ in them was pointing when he predicted the sufferings of the Messiah and the glories that would follow. 12It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you, when they spoke of the things that have now been told you by those who have preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Even angels long to look into these things.

Be Holy

13Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. 14As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. 15But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; 16for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”1:16 Lev. 11:44,45; 19:2

17Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear. 18For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, 19but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. 20He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. 21Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

22Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart.1:22 Some early manuscripts from a pure heart 23For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. 24For,

“All people are like grass,

and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;

the grass withers and the flowers fall,

25but the word of the Lord endures forever.”1:25 Isaiah 40:6-8 (see Septuagint)

And this is the word that was preached to you.

Asante Twi Contemporary Bible

1 Petro 1:1-25

1Krataa yi firi Yesu Kristo ɔsomafoɔ Petro nkyɛn,

Meretwerɛ krataa yi akɔma Onyankopɔn nnipa a wɔahwete sɛ ahɔhoɔ kɔ Ponto, Galatia, Kapadokia, Asia ne Bitinia amantam mu no. 2Onyankopɔn, yɛn Agya, na ɛfiri teteete no ɔfrɛɛ mo. Na ɔnam ne Honhom so ayɛ mo kronkron. Ɛno enti, moayɛ ɔsetie ama Yesu Kristo, na ɔde ne mogya ate mo ho:

Adom ne asomdwoeɛ a ɛdɔɔso nka mo.


3Momma yɛnna Onyankopɔn a ɔyɛ yɛn Awurade Yesu Kristo Agya no ase. Esiane nʼahummɔborɔ dodoɔ enti, ɔnam nyane a ɔnyanee Yesu Kristo firii owuo mu no so ama yɛn nkwa foforɔ. Yei ma yɛnya anidasoɔ a atim, 4enti yɛrehwɛ anim sɛ yɛbɛnya nhyira dodoɔ a Onyankopɔn akora a ɔde bɛma ne mma no bi. Ɔde asie wɔ ɔsoro ama mo ɛfiri sɛ, ɛhɔ deɛ, ɛremporɔ anaa ɛrensɛe, na ɛrempa nso. 5Na Onyankopɔn gyina ne tumi kɛseɛ no so bɛhwɛ sɛ mobɛduru hɔ asomdwoeɛ mu, na mo nsa aka, ɛfiri sɛ, mogye no di. Ɛbɛyɛ mo dea nna a ɛdi akyire no mu ama obiara ahunu. 6Ɛwom sɛ, ebia, ɛsiane ɔhaw bebree a mobɛfa mu no enti, mo werɛ bɛho deɛ, nanso momma mo ani nnye saa asɛm yi ho. 7Ɔhaw ba sɛdeɛ ɛbɛyɛ a wɔbɛhunu sɛ mo gyidie no yɛ kann. Sikakɔkɔɔ a wɔtumi sɛe no no mpo, wɔde ogya sɔ hwɛ. Enti, mo gyidie a ɛsom bo kyɛn sikakɔkɔɔ no, ɛsɛ sɛ wɔsɔ hwɛ hunu sɛ, ɛbɛtumi atim anaa. Ɛno ansa na da a Yesu Kristo bɛba no, mobɛnya animuonyam. 8Ɛwom sɛ monhunuu Yesu deɛ, nanso modɔ no. Monhunu no seesei deɛ, nanso mogye no di. Anigyeɛ a moanya no boro so 9ɛfiri sɛ, mo nsa reka gyidie ho mfasoɔ a ɛyɛ mo kra nkwagyeɛ no.

10Saa nkwagyeɛ yi na tete adiyifoɔ no de boasetɔ hwehwɛɛ mu, ɛberɛ a wɔhyɛɛ saa akyɛdeɛ yi a Onyankopɔn de bɛma mo no ho nkɔm. 11Wɔpɛɛ sɛ wɔhunu ɛberɛ no ne ɛkwan a ɛnam so bɛba. Saa ɛberɛ yi ne ɛberɛ a Kristo Honhom a ɔte wɔn mu no kyerɛɛ wɔn wɔ nkɔmhyɛ mu sɛ Kristo bɛhunu amane, na akyire no wanya animuonyam. 12Onyankopɔn daa no adi kyerɛɛ saa adiyifoɔ no sɛ, wɔanyɛ wɔn adwuma no amma wɔn ho, na mmom, wɔyɛ de som mo. Wɔnam Honhom Kronkron a wɔsomaa no firii ɔsoro no tumi so kaa Asɛmpa no kyerɛɛ mo. Yei yɛ adeɛ a ɛyɛ nwanwa yie, na abɔfoɔ mpo de anigyeɛ sononko rehwɛ anwanwadwuma a ɛrekɔ so yi.

13Enti, monsi mo adwene pi na monni mo ho so. Monnyina yie ma momma mo ani nna nhyira a wɔde bɛma mo wɔ Yesu Kristo ba a ɔbɛba no mu no so. 14Montie Onyankopɔn, na mommma akɔnnɔ abrabɔ a ɛdii mo so ɛberɛ a na monnim no nni mo so. 15Na mmom, monyɛ kronkron wɔ biribiara a moyɛ mu sɛdeɛ Onyankopɔn a ɔfrɛɛ mo no yɛ kronkron no. 16Atwerɛsɛm no aka sɛ, “Ɛsɛ sɛ moyɛ kronkron, ɛfiri sɛ, meyɛ kronkron.”

17Monkae sɛ mo Agya a ɔwɔ ɔsoro a mobɔ no mpaeɛ no renhwɛ nnipa anim wɔ nʼatemmuo mu. Ɛno enti mo nna a aka mo wɔ asase yi so no, momfa anidie nyinaa mma no. 18Ɛfiri sɛ, monim bo a wɔtua de gyee mo firii abrabɔ bɔne a mo nananom kyerɛɛ mo no mu. Ɛnyɛ adeɛ a ɛhwere ne boɔ a ɛsom te sɛ dwetɛ anaa sikakɔkɔɔ no. 19Na mmom Kristo a ɔyɛ odwammaa a ɔnni dɛm no de ne ho bɔɔ afɔdeɛ a ne boɔ yɛ den ma monyaa ahofadie. 20Ansa na wɔrebɔ ewiase no, na Onyankopɔn ayi no, na mo enti na nna a ɛdi akyire no, wɔdaa no adi. 21Ɛnam ne so na mogyee Onyankopɔn a ɔnyanee no firii awufoɔ mu na ɔmaa no animuonyam no diiɛ. Ɛnam ne so ama mo gyidie ne mo anidasoɔ atim wɔ Onyankopɔn mu.

22Seesei a moayɛ ɔsetie ama nokorɛ no, mo ho ate. Ɛno enti, monnodɔ mo nuanom agyidifoɔ nokorɛ mu. Momfiri mo akoma nyinaa mu nnodɔ mo ho mo ho. 23Ɛfiri sɛ, wɔawo mo foforɔ; wɔanwo mo ɛmfiri aba a ɛporɔ mu, na mmom, ɛfiri Onyankopɔn asɛm a ɛmporɔ mu. 24Sɛdeɛ Atwerɛsɛm no aka no,

“Nnipa nyinaa te sɛ ɛserɛ;

na wɔn animuonyam te sɛ nhwiren.

Ɛserɛ no wu ma ne nhwiren no po,

25nanso Awurade asɛm no wɔ hɔ daa nyinaa.”

Yei ne asɛm a Asɛmpa no de brɛɛ mo.