Exodus 1 – NIrV & CCBT

New International Reader’s Version

Exodus 1:1-22

The Israelites Become Slaves in Egypt

1Here are the names of Israel’s children who went to Egypt with Jacob. Each one went with his family. 2Jacob’s sons were

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,

3Issachar, Zebulun, Benjamin,

4Dan, Naphtali,

Gad and Asher.

5The total number of Jacob’s children and grandchildren was 70. Joseph was already in Egypt.

6Joseph and all his brothers died. So did all their children. 7The people of Israel had many children. The number of them greatly increased. There were so many of them that they filled the land.

8Then a new king came to power in Egypt. Joseph didn’t mean anything to him. 9“Look,” he said to his people. “The Israelites are far too many for us. 10Come. We must deal with them carefully. If we don’t, there will be even more of them. Then if war breaks out, they’ll join our enemies. They’ll fight against us and leave the country.”

11So the Egyptians put slave drivers over the people of Israel. The slave drivers treated them badly and made them work hard. The Israelites built the cities of Pithom and Rameses so Pharaoh could store things there. 12But the worse the slave drivers treated the Israelites, the more Israelites there were. So the Egyptians became afraid of them. 13They made them work hard. They didn’t show them any pity. 14The people suffered because of their hard labor. The slave drivers forced them to work with bricks and mud. And they made them do all kinds of work in the fields. The Egyptians didn’t show them any pity at all. They made them work very hard.

15There were two Hebrew women named Shiphrah and Puah. They helped other women having babies. The king of Egypt spoke to them. He said, 16“You are the ones who help the other Hebrew women. Watch them when they get into a sitting position to have their babies. Kill the boys. Let the girls live.” 17But Shiphrah and Puah had respect for God. They didn’t do what the king of Egypt had told them to do. They let the boys live. 18Then the king of Egypt sent for the women. He asked them, “Why have you done this? Why have you let the boys live?”

19The women answered Pharaoh, “Hebrew women are not like the women of Egypt. They are strong. They have their babies before we get there.”

20So God was kind to Shiphrah and Puah. And the number of Israelites became even greater. 21Shiphrah and Puah had respect for God. So he gave them families of their own.

22Then Pharaoh gave an order to all his people. He said, “You must throw every Hebrew baby boy into the Nile River. But let every Hebrew baby girl live.”

Chinese Contemporary Bible 2023 (Traditional)

出埃及記 1:1-22


1以色列的眾子帶著家眷跟雅各1·1 「雅各」就是「以色列」,上帝為雅各改名以色列,故事參考創世記32·28一起去了埃及,以下是他們的名字: 2呂便西緬利未猶大3以薩迦西布倫便雅憫4拿弗他利迦得亞設5雅各的子孫總共有七十人。那時,約瑟已經住在埃及6後來,約瑟和他的弟兄以及同輩的人都相繼去世。 7以色列人生養眾多,人口大增,很快就遍佈埃及,成為一個強大的民族。 8後來,埃及有一位不認識約瑟的新王登基, 9對他的百姓說:「你們看,以色列人比我們多,又比我們強。 10來吧!我們要設法阻止他們人口增多,否則一遇到戰爭,他們便會加入我們敵人的陣營來攻打我們,然後一走了之。」

11於是,埃及人派監工強迫以色列人服勞役,在比東蘭塞兩地為法老興建儲貨城。 12以色列人越受奴役,人口增長得越快,散居的範圍也越廣,令埃及人感到恐懼。 13於是,埃及人殘酷地奴役他們, 14強迫他們和泥造磚,並做田間一切的苦工,使他們痛苦不堪。埃及人殘酷地奴役他們做苦工。 15埃及王又命令兩個希伯來的接生婆施弗拉普阿16「你們在替希伯來婦女接生的時候,如果看到生下的是男嬰,就把他殺掉;如果是女嬰,就讓她活下來。」 17但這兩個接生婆敬畏上帝,沒有執行埃及王的命令,而是保留了男嬰的性命。 18埃及王召見那兩個接生婆,質問她們:「你們為什麼這樣做?為什麼讓男嬰活著?」 19她們回答說:「因為希伯來婦女跟埃及婦女不同。她們身體強壯,我們還沒有趕到,嬰兒就生下來了。」 20-21因此,以色列人口繼續增加,更加繁盛。因為這兩個接生婆敬畏上帝,上帝便賜福給她們,使她們生兒育女。 22後來,法老命令全埃及的人把以色列人生的所有男嬰都拋進尼羅河裡,只讓女嬰活著。