New International Reader's Version

1 Samuel 16

Samuel Anoints David to Be Israel’s King

1The Lord said to Samuel, “How long will you be filled with sorrow because of Saul? I have refused to have him as king over Israel. Fill your animal horn with olive oil and go on your way. I am sending you to Jesse in Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king.”

But Samuel said, “How can I go? Suppose Saul hears about it. Then he’ll kill me.”

The Lord said, “Take a young cow with you. Tell the elders of Bethlehem, ‘I’ve come to offer a sacrifice to the Lord.’ Invite Jesse to the sacrifice. Then I will show you what to do. You must anoint for me the one I point out to you.”

Samuel did what the Lord said. He arrived at Bethlehem. The elders of the town met him. They were trembling with fear. They asked, “Have you come in peace?”

Samuel replied, “Yes, I’ve come in peace. I’ve come to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. Set yourselves apart to him and come to the sacrifice with me.” Then he set Jesse and his sons apart to the Lord. He invited them to the sacrifice.

When they arrived, Samuel saw Eliab. He thought, “This has to be the one the Lord wants me to anoint for him.”

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider how handsome or tall he is. I have not chosen him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outside of a person. But the Lord looks at what is in the heart.”

Then Jesse called for Abinadab. He had him walk in front of Samuel. But Samuel said, “The Lord hasn’t chosen him either.” Then Jesse had Shammah walk by. But Samuel said, “The Lord hasn’t chosen him either.” 10 Jesse had seven of his sons walk in front of Samuel. But Samuel said to him, “The Lord hasn’t chosen any of them.” 11 So he asked Jesse, “Are these the only sons you have?”

“No,” Jesse answered. “My youngest son is taking care of the sheep.”

Samuel said, “Send for him. We won’t sit down to eat until he arrives.”

12 So Jesse sent for his son and had him brought in. He looked very healthy. He had a fine appearance and handsome features.

Then the Lord said, “Get up and anoint him. This is the one.”

13 So Samuel got the animal horn that was filled with olive oil. He anointed David in front of his brothers. From that day on, the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully on David. Samuel went back to Ramah.

David Serves Saul

14 The Spirit of the Lord had left Saul. And an evil spirit sent by the Lord terrified him.

15 Saul’s attendants said to him, “An evil spirit sent by God is terrifying you. 16 Give us an order to look for someone who can play the harp. He will play it when the evil spirit sent by God comes on you. Then you will feel better.”

17 So Saul said to his attendants, “Find someone who plays the harp well. Bring him to me.”

18 One of the servants said, “I’ve seen someone who knows how to play the harp. He is a son of Jesse from Bethlehem. He’s a brave man. He would make a good soldier. He’s a good speaker. He’s very handsome. And the Lord is with him.”

19 Then Saul sent messengers to Jesse. He said, “Send me your son David, the one who takes care of your sheep.” 20 So Jesse got some bread and a bottle of wine. The bottle was made out of animal skin. He also got a young goat. He loaded everything on the back of a donkey. He sent all of it to Saul with his son David.

21 David went to Saul and began to serve him. Saul liked him very much. David became one of the men who carried Saul’s armor. 22 Saul sent a message to Jesse. Saul said, “Let David stay here. I want him to serve me. I’m pleased with him.”

23 When the evil spirit sent by God would come on Saul, David would get his harp and play it. That would help Saul. He would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.

Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

撒母耳記上 16


1耶和華對撒母耳說:「我已經拒絕讓掃羅做以色列王了,你還要為他哀傷多久呢?把你的角盛滿膏油,我要差遣你到伯利恆的耶西那裡,我已選了他的一個兒子做王。」 撒母耳說:「我怎麼可以去呢?掃羅知道了,一定會殺掉我。」耶和華說:「你帶一頭牛犢去,就說,『我是來向耶和華獻祭的。』 你要請耶西參加獻祭,我會告訴你怎麼做,我會指示你膏立誰。」 撒母耳遵行耶和華的吩咐,他來到伯利恆,那城的長老都戰戰兢兢地出來迎接他,問道:「你是為平安而來嗎?」 撒母耳答道:「是的,為平安而來,我是來向耶和華獻祭的。你們要潔淨自己,然後來和我一起獻祭。」撒母耳為耶西及其眾子行過潔淨禮後,便邀請他們參加獻祭。

耶西及其眾子來了,撒母耳看見以利押,心裡想:「這位肯定是耶和華要膏立的人。」 但耶和華對撒母耳說:「不要看他相貌堂堂、身材高大,我要選的不是他。耶和華不像世人那樣看人,人看外表,耶和華看內心。」 耶西吩咐他的兒子亞比拿達從撒母耳面前走過,但撒母耳說:「這也不是耶和華揀選的人。」 耶西又叫沙瑪從撒母耳面前走過,但撒母耳說:「這也不是耶和華揀選的人。」耶西叫七個兒子一個一個從撒母耳面前走過,但撒母耳說他們都不是耶和華揀選的人。 10 撒母耳問耶西:「你的兒子全都到齊了嗎?」 11 耶西答道:「還有一個最小的,他正在田間放羊。」撒母耳對耶西說:「派人叫他回來,他不來,我們就不入座。」 12 耶西就派人去叫他回來。他面色紅潤,眉清目秀,相貌英俊。耶和華說:「就是他,起來膏立他吧。」 13 撒母耳就拿出盛膏油的角,當著他哥哥們的面膏立他。從那天起,耶和華的靈降在大衛身上。事後,撒母耳回拉瑪去了。


14 耶和華的靈離開了掃羅,有個邪靈從耶和華那裡來折磨他。 15 掃羅的臣僕對他說:「現在有個邪靈從上帝那裡來折磨你, 16 [a]可以吩咐跟前的臣僕去找一個善於彈琴的人來。邪靈從上帝那裡來到你身上的時候,他為你彈琴,你就會好。」 17 掃羅說:「你們就為我找一個善於彈琴的人,帶他到我這裡來。」 18 其中有一個僕人說:「我見過伯利恆耶西的一個兒子,他善於彈琴,英勇善戰,談吐合宜,相貌英俊,並且耶和華與他同在。」 19 掃羅便差遣使者去見耶西,說:「請讓你放羊的兒子大衛到我這裡來。」 20 耶西就把一些餅、一皮袋酒和一隻山羊羔馱在驢背上,讓兒子大衛帶去送給掃羅。 21 大衛到了掃羅那裡,做了他身邊的侍臣。掃羅非常喜歡大衛,讓大衛為他拿兵器。 22 掃羅派人去見耶西,說:「你就讓大衛留在我的身邊吧,因為我喜歡他。」 23 每當有邪靈從上帝那裡來到掃羅身上的時候,大衛就為他彈琴,掃羅便覺得舒暢,邪靈也離開了他。


  1. 16·16 」希伯來文是「我們的主」。