King James Version

Acts 24:1-27

1And after five days Ananias the high priest descended with the elders, and with a certain orator named Tertullus, who informed the governor against Paul. 2And when he was called forth, Tertullus began to accuse him, saying, Seeing that by thee we enjoy great quietness, and that very worthy deeds are done unto this nation by thy providence, 3We accept it always, and in all places, most noble Felix, with all thankfulness. 4Notwithstanding, that I be not further tedious unto thee, I pray thee that thou wouldest hear us of thy clemency a few words. 5For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes: 6Who also hath gone about to profane the temple: whom we took, and would have judged according to our law. 7But the chief captain Lysias came upon us, and with great violence took him away out of our hands, 8Commanding his accusers to come unto thee: by examining of whom thyself mayest take knowledge of all these things, whereof we accuse him. 9And the Jews also assented, saying that these things were so. 10Then Paul, after that the governor had beckoned unto him to speak, answered, Forasmuch as I know that thou hast been of many years a judge unto this nation, I do the more cheerfully answer for myself: 11Because that thou mayest understand, that there are yet but twelve days since I went up to Jerusalem for to worship. 12And they neither found me in the temple disputing with any man, neither raising up the people, neither in the synagogues, nor in the city: 13Neither can they prove the things whereof they now accuse me. 14But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets: 15And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust. 16And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men. 17Now after many years I came to bring alms to my nation, and offerings. 18Whereupon certain Jews from Asia found me purified in the temple, neither with multitude, nor with tumult. 19Who ought to have been here before thee, and object, if they had ought against me. 20Or else let these same here say, if they have found any evil doing in me, while I stood before the council, 21Except it be for this one voice, that I cried standing among them, Touching the resurrection of the dead I am called in question by you this day.

22And when Felix heard these things, having more perfect knowledge of that way, he deferred them, and said, When Lysias the chief captain shall come down, I will know the uttermost of your matter. 23And he commanded a centurion to keep Paul, and to let him have liberty, and that he should forbid none of his acquaintance to minister or come unto him.

24And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ. 25And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee. 26He hoped also that money should have been given him of Paul, that he might loose him: wherefore he sent for him the oftener, and communed with him. 27But after two years Porcius Festus came into Felix’ room: and Felix, willing to shew the Jews a pleasure, left Paul bound.

Akuapem Twi Contemporary Bible

Asomafo 24:1-27

Wodi Paulo Asɛm Wɔ Felike Anim

1Nnaanum akyi no, Ɔsɔfopanyin Anania ne mpanyimfo bi ne mmaranimfo bi a ne din de Tertulo kɔɔ Kaesarea. Woduu hɔ no, wɔkɔɔ Amrado Felike nkyɛn de nsɛm a wɔwɔ tia Paulo no too nʼanim. 2Wɔfrɛɛ Tertulo ma ɔbɔɔ ne nkuro se, “Onuonyamfo! Esiane wo nimdeɛ ne wʼakwankyerɛ pa nti efi bere a wobaa yi, nsakrae pa pii aba yɛn man yi mu ama yɛn ho atɔ yɛn. 3Baabiara a yɛwɔ no yɛka eyi ho asɛm na yɛn ani sɔ nea woayɛ ama yɛn no da wo ase papaapa. 4Mempɛ sɛ mesɛe wo bere enti mesrɛ wo sɛ nya bere tiaa bi ma me na tie asɛm a merebɛka afa saa ɔbarima yi ho no.

5“Yɛahu sɛ saa ɔbarima yi yɛ ɔmammɔfo a ɔde basabasayɛ ba Yudafo nyinaa mu. Ɔyɛ Nasarefo fekuw no mu panyin. 6Ɔpɛɛ sɛ ogu asɔredan no ho fi. Ɛno nti yɛkyeree no yɛɛ yɛn adwene sɛ anka yɛbɛfa yɛn mmara so abu no atɛn. 7Nanso Ɔsahene Lisia begyee no fii yɛn nsam abran so, 8hyɛɛ sɛ wommedi nʼasɛm wɔ wʼanim. Sɛ wubisa no a, wo ara ankasa wubehu sɛ nsɛm a yɛreka afa ne ho no nyinaa yɛ nokware.”

9Yudafo no nso foaa nsɛm a wɔkaa no so se ɛyɛ nokware.

Paulo Yi Ne Ho Ano

10Amrado no maa Paulo kwan sɛ onyi ne ho ano no, Paulo buae se, “Minim sɛ woyɛɛ ɔman yi so otemmufo akyɛ, ɛno nti sɛ migyina wʼanim reyi me ho ano a, minsuro. 11Sɛnea ebia woate no bɛyɛ nnafua dumien ni na mekɔɔ Yerusalem asɔredan mu sɛ merekɔsom. 12Yudafo a wɔde me baa ha yi anhu me sɛ me ne obi regye akyinnye wɔ asɔredan mu hɔ anaasɛ meretu nnipa aso wɔ hyiadan mu anaa ɔman no mu baabiara. 13Saa ara nso na wɔrentumi nkyerɛ sɛ, nsɛm a wɔreka ato me so yi nyinaa yɛ nokware. 14Nanso migye to mu sɛ menam Awurade asɛm a Yudafo yi kasa tia no so som yɛn Agyanom Nyankopɔn. Na migye nsɛm a wɔakyerɛw wɔ Mose mmara no ne adiyifo nhoma no mu no nso di. 15Mewɔ anidaso a saa nnipa yi nso wɔ wɔ Onyankopɔn mu sɛ da bi, nnipa pa ne nnipa bɔne nyinaa bɛsɔre afi owu mu no nso bi. 16Eyi nti, da biara mebɔ mmɔden sɛ mede ahonim pa bɛbɔ me bra wɔ Onyankopɔn ne nnipa anim.

17“Mfe bebree akyi a mifii Yerusalem no, mesan baa hɔ sɛ mede ayɛyɛde rebrɛ me nuanom na mabɔ afɔre. 18Bere a madwira me ho awie na migu so rebɔ aseda afɔre wɔ asɔredan no mu no, na nnipa a wɔde me baa ha yi huu me. Na matwitwa me tinwi sɛnea mmara no kyerɛ no. Saa bere no nso na dɔm biara nka me ho na basabasayɛ bi aba. 19Saa bere no, na Yudafo bi a wofi Asiaman mu wɔ hɔ. Wɔn na sɛ anka wɔwɔ asɛm bi ka tia me a ɛsɛ sɛ wɔka. 20Sɛ saa nnipa a wɔwɔ ha yi nso nim asɛm bi a wogyina so buu me fɔ wɔ agyinatufo no anim a wɔnka. 21Asɛm baako pɛ na migyina wɔn anim no mekae. Saa asɛm no ne sɛ, ‘Gyidi a mewɔ wɔ awufosɔre no mu nti na migye di sɛ morebu me atɛn nnɛ.’ ”

22Felike a na onim saa Awurade asɛm no yiye no tuu asɛm no hyɛɛ da, kae se, “Sɛ Ɔsahene Lisia ba a na medi wʼasɛm no.” 23Ɔhyɛɛ ɔsraani panyin a na ɔhwɛ Paulo so no sɛ ɔmma wɔnwɛn no, nanso wɔmma no ahotɔ kakra. Na sɛ ne nnamfonom de biribiara a ɛho hia no no rebrɛ no a, wɔmma ho kwan.

Paulo Gyina Felike Ne Drusila Anim

24Nna bi akyi no, Felike ne ne yere Drusila a ɔyɛ Yudani no bae. Ɔsoma ma wɔkɔfrɛɛ Paulo brɛɛ no ma ɔbɛkaa gyidi a ɔwɔ wɔ Kristo Yesu mu no kyerɛɛ wɔn. 25Paulo reka trenee, ahohyɛso ne atemmuda ho asɛm no, Felike suroe, enti ɔkae se, “Kɔ! Akyiri no, sɛ minya adagyew a, mɛsoma abɛfrɛ wo.” 26Na Felike ani da so sɛ Paulo bɛma no sika na wagyaa no, ɛno nti na ɔma wɔtaa kɔfrɛ no ntiantia mu ba ne nkyɛn ne no bɔ nkɔmmɔ no.

27Mfe abien akyi no Porkio Festo besii Felike anan mu sɛ amrado. Esiane sɛ na Felike pɛ sɛ ɔsɔ Yudafo no ani no nti, ogyaw Paulo wɔ afiase hɔ.