Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional)

列王紀上 5


1泰爾王希蘭素來與大衛修好,他聽說以色列人膏立了所羅門繼承大衛的王位,就遣使者來見所羅門。 所羅門也派人去見希蘭,說: 「你知道,我父大衛因周圍戰事連連,未能為他的上帝耶和華建殿,要等到耶和華使仇敵伏在他腳下後再建。 現在我的上帝耶和華使我四境太平,內外無憂, 我想為我的上帝耶和華建殿,因為耶和華曾對我父大衛說,『我必使你的兒子繼承你的王位,他必為我的名建殿。』 請你命人為我砍伐黎巴嫩的香柏木。我會派人幫助你的人,並按你的要求付你的人工錢。因為你知道,我們沒有人像西頓人那樣善於砍伐樹木。」

希蘭聽了所羅門的話後,非常高興,說:「今天當讚美耶和華!祂賜給大衛一個有智慧的兒子治理這偉大的民族。」 他派人回覆所羅門說:「我已收到你派人帶來的口信。我一定會照你的心願提供香柏木和松木。 我的工人會將這些木料從黎巴嫩紮成木筏,經海道運到你指定的地點。木筏拆散以後,你就可以點收了。你也要成全我的心願,供應我家食糧。」 10 於是,希蘭供應所羅門需用的香柏木和松木, 11 所羅門每年供應希蘭四百四十萬升麥子和四千四百升橄欖油。 12 耶和華照著應許賜給所羅門智慧。他跟希蘭修好,締結盟約。

13 所羅門王從以色列徵集了三萬勞工, 14 派他們每月輪班到黎巴嫩工作,每班一萬人,在黎巴嫩一個月,在家兩個月。亞多尼蘭做他們的總管。 15 所羅門又徵用了七萬名搬運工,八萬名在山上鑿石的匠人。 16 此外,他還派了三千三百名監工,監督工人做工。 17 他們按照王的命令在山上鑿出珍貴的巨石,用來作殿的根基。 18 於是,所羅門和希蘭的工匠及迦巴勒人鑿好石頭,備好木料,準備建殿。

New Living Translation

1 Kings 5

Preparations for Building the Temple

1[a]King Hiram of Tyre had always been a loyal friend of David. When Hiram learned that David’s son Solomon was the new king of Israel, he sent ambassadors to congratulate him.

Then Solomon sent this message back to Hiram:

“You know that my father, David, was not able to build a Temple to honor the name of the Lord his God because of the many wars waged against him by surrounding nations. He could not build until the Lord gave him victory over all his enemies. But now the Lord my God has given me peace on every side; I have no enemies, and all is well. So I am planning to build a Temple to honor the name of the Lord my God, just as he had instructed my father, David. For the Lord told him, ‘Your son, whom I will place on your throne, will build the Temple to honor my name.’

“Therefore, please command that cedars from Lebanon be cut for me. Let my men work alongside yours, and I will pay your men whatever wages you ask. As you know, there is no one among us who can cut timber like you Sidonians!”

When Hiram received Solomon’s message, he was very pleased and said, “Praise the Lord today for giving David a wise son to be king of the great nation of Israel.” Then he sent this reply to Solomon:

“I have received your message, and I will supply all the cedar and cypress timber you need. My servants will bring the logs from the Lebanon mountains to the Mediterranean Sea[b] and make them into rafts and float them along the coast to whatever place you choose. Then we will break the rafts apart so you can carry the logs away. You can pay me by supplying me with food for my household.”

10 So Hiram supplied as much cedar and cypress timber as Solomon desired. 11 In return, Solomon sent him an annual payment of 100,000 bushels[c] of wheat for his household and 110,000 gallons[d] of pure olive oil. 12 So the Lord gave wisdom to Solomon, just as he had promised. And Hiram and Solomon made a formal alliance of peace.

13 Then King Solomon conscripted a labor force of 30,000 men from all Israel. 14 He sent them to Lebanon in shifts, 10,000 every month, so that each man would be one month in Lebanon and two months at home. Adoniram was in charge of this labor force. 15 Solomon also had 70,000 common laborers, 80,000 quarry workers in the hill country, 16 and 3,600[e] foremen to supervise the work. 17 At the king’s command, they quarried large blocks of high-quality stone and shaped them to make the foundation of the Temple. 18 Men from the city of Gebal helped Solomon’s and Hiram’s builders prepare the timber and stone for the Temple.


  1. 5:1 Verses 5:1-18 are numbered 5:15-32 in Hebrew text.
  2. 5:9 Hebrew the sea.
  3. 5:11a Hebrew 20,000 cors [4,400 kiloliters].
  4. 5:11b As in Greek version, which reads 20,000 baths [420 kiloliters] (see also 2 Chr 2:10); Hebrew reads 20 cors, about 1,000 gallons or 4.4 kiloliters in volume.
  5. 5:16 As in some Greek manuscripts (see also 2 Chr 2:2, 18); Hebrew reads 3,300.