Nahum 1 – AKCB & NIRV

Akuapem Twi Contemporary Bible

Nahum 1:1-15

1Elkosini Nahum anisoadehu nhoma a ɛyɛ nkɔmhyɛ a ɛfa Ninewe ho.

Awurade Abufuw A Etia Ninewe

2Awurade yɛ ninkufo ne aweretɔ Nyankopɔn,

Awurade tɔ were, na abufuw ahyɛ no ma.

Awurade tɔ nʼatamfo so were,

na nʼabufuw tena wɔn so.

3Awurade bo kyɛ fuw, na ne tumi so,

na ɔtwe ɔfɔdifo aso.

Ne kwan wɔ mfɛtɛ ne ahum mu,

omununkum yɛ nʼanan ase mfutuma.

4Ɔteɛteɛ po na ɔma ɛyow;

ɔma nsubɔnten nyinaa yoyow.

Basan ne Karmel twintwam,

na Lebanon frɔmfrɔmyɛ nso kisa.

5Mmepɔw wosow biribiri nʼanim

na nkoko nan.

Asase, wiase ne wɔn a wɔwɔ mu nyinaa

wosow nʼanim.

6Hena na obetumi agyina nʼabufuw ano?

Hena na obetumi atena nʼabufuwhyew mu?

Nʼabufuw hwie te sɛ ogya;

abotan yam wɔ nʼanim.

7Awurade ye,

ɔyɛ ahohia mu guankɔbea.

Nʼani wɔ wɔn a wɔde wɔn ho to no so no so.

8Nanso, ɔnam nsuyiri nwonwaso so

bɛma Ninewe aba awiei.

Ɔbɛtaa nʼatamfo akodu sum kabii mu.

9Pɔw biara a wɔbɛbɔ atia Awurade no,

ɔbɛsɛe no;

ɔhaw biara remma nto so mprenu.

10Wɔde nsɔe bɛkyekyere wɔn ho,

na bere a wɔn nsa abow wɔn no

wɔbɛhyew wɔn sɛ nwuraguanee a wɔaboa ano.

11Ninewe, wo mu na

nea ɔbɔ pɔw bɔne tia Awurade

na otu fo bɔne no fi.

12Nea Awurade se ni:

“Ɛwɔ mu sɛ wɔwɔ nnamfonom a wɔdɔɔso de,

nanso wɔbɛsɛe wɔn ama wɔayera.

Yuda, ɛwɔ mu sɛ mama ɔhaw aba wo so,

nanso merenyɛ saa bio.

13Afei, mebubu konnua a ɛda wo kɔn mu

na matetew nkɔnsɔnkɔnsɔn no mu.”

14Ninewe, Awurade aka ɔhyɛ asɛm a ɛfa wo ho:

“Worennya asefo a wo din bɛda wɔn so.

Mɛsɛe nsɛsode a wɔasen ne ahoni a wɔagu

a esisi wʼabosonnan mu no.

Mesiesie wo da

efisɛ woadan ayɛ atantanne.”

15Hwɛ mmepɔw no so,

nea ɔde asɛmpa no ba no anammɔn

ɔno na ɔka asomdwoesɛm!

Yuda di wʼafahyɛ na

di wɔ bɔhyɛ so.

Nnipabɔne rentu wo so sa bio;

Wɔbɛsɛe wɔn pasaa.

New International Reader’s Version

Nahum 1:1-15

1Here is a prophecy the Lord gave Nahum, who was from the town of Elkosh. The prophecy came in a vision and is written in a book. The prophecy is about Nineveh.

The Lord Is Angry With Nineveh

2The Lord is a jealous God who punishes people.

He pays them back for the evil things they do.

He directs his anger against them.

The Lord punishes his enemies.

He holds his anger back

until the right time to use it.

3The Lord is slow to get angry.

But he is very powerful.

The Lord will not let guilty people go

without punishing them.

When he marches out, he stirs up winds and storms.

Clouds are the dust kicked up by his feet.

4He controls the seas. He dries them up.

He makes all the rivers run dry.

Bashan and Mount Carmel dry up.

The flowers in Lebanon fade.

5He causes the mountains to shake.

The hills melt away.

The earth trembles because he is there.

The world and all those who live in it also tremble.

6Who can stand firm when his anger burns?

Who can live when he is angry?

His anger blazes out like fire.

He smashes the rocks to pieces.

7The Lord is good.

When people are in trouble,

they can go to him for safety.

He takes good care of those

who trust in him.

8But he will destroy Nineveh

with a powerful flood.

He will chase his enemies

into the place of darkness.

9The Lord will put an end

to anything they plan against him.

He won’t allow Assyria to win the battle

over his people a second time.

10His enemies will be tangled up among thorns.

Their wine will make them drunk.

They’ll be burned up like dry straw.

11Nineveh, a king has marched out from you.

He makes evil plans against the Lord.

He thinks about how he can do what is wrong.

12The Lord says,

“His army has many soldiers.

Other nations are helping them.

But they will be destroyed and pass away.

Judah, I punished you.

But I will not do it anymore.

13Now I will break Assyria’s yoke off your neck.

I will tear off the ropes that hold you.”

14Nineveh, the Lord has given an order concerning you.

He has said, “You will not have any children

to carry on your name.

I will destroy the wooden and metal statues

that are in the temple of your gods.

I will get your grave ready for you.

You are worthless.”

15Look at the mountains of Judah!

I see a messenger running to bring good news!

He’s telling us that peace has come!

People of Judah, celebrate your feasts.

Carry out your promises.

The evil Assyrians won’t attack you again.

They’ll be completely destroyed.