Psalm 78:9-16

The soldiers of Ephraim were armed with bows.
    But they ran away on the day of battle.
They didn’t keep the covenant God had made with them.
    They refused to live by his law.
They forgot what he had done.
    They didn’t remember the wonders he had shown them.
He did miracles right in front of their people who lived long ago.
    At that time they were living in Egypt, in the area of Zoan.
God parted the Red Sea and led them through it.
    He made the water stand up like a wall.
He guided them with the cloud during the day.
    He led them with the light of a fire all night long.
He broke the rocks open in the desert.
    He gave them as much water as there is in the oceans.
He brought streams out of a rocky cliff.
    He made water flow down like rivers.

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