Psalm 78:32-39

But even after all that, they kept on sinning.
    Even after the wonderful things he had done, they still didn’t believe.
So he brought their days to an end like a puff of smoke.
    He ended their years with terror.
Every time God killed some of them, the others would seek him.
    They gladly turned back to him again.
They remembered that God was their Rock.
    They remembered that God Most High had set them free.
But they didn’t mean it when they praised him.
    They lied to him when they spoke.
They turned away from him.
    They weren’t faithful to the covenant he had made with them.
But he was full of tender love.
    He forgave their sins
    and didn’t destroy his people.
Time after time he held back his anger.
    He didn’t let all his burning anger blaze out.
He remembered that they were only human.
    He remembered they were only a breath of air
    that drifts by and doesn’t return.

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