Psalm 119:73-80

י Yodh

You made me and formed me with your own hands.
    Give me understanding so that I can learn your commands.
May those who have respect for you be filled with joy when they see me.
    I have put my hope in your word.
Lord, I know that your laws are right.
    You were faithful to your promise when you made me suffer.
May your faithful love comfort me
    as you have promised me.
Show me your tender love so that I can live.
    I take delight in your law.
May proud people be put to shame for treating me badly for no reason.
    I will think deeply about your rules.
May those who have respect for you come to me.
    Then I can teach them your covenant laws.
May I follow your orders with all my heart.
    Then I won’t be put to shame.

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