Proverbs 18:7-16

The words of foolish people drag them down.
    They are trapped by what they say.

The words of anyone who talks about others are like tasty bites of food.
    They go deep down inside you.

Anyone who doesn’t want to work
    is like someone who destroys.

The name of the Lord is like a strong tower.
    Godly people run to it and are safe.

The wealth of rich people is like a city that makes them feel safe.
    They think of it as a city with walls that can’t be climbed.

If a person’s heart is proud, they will be destroyed.
    So don’t be proud if you want to be honored.

To answer before listening
    is foolish and shameful.

A cheerful spirit gives strength even during sickness.
    But you can’t keep going if you have a broken spirit.

Those whose hearts understand what is right get knowledge.
    That’s because the ears of those who are wise listen for it.

A gift opens the door
    and helps the giver meet important people.

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