Proverbs 10:21-30

The words of those who do right benefit many people.
    But those who are foolish die because they have no sense.

The blessing of the Lord brings wealth.
    And it comes without painful work.

A foolish person finds pleasure in evil plans.
    But a person who has understanding takes delight in wisdom.

What sinners are afraid of will catch up with them.
    But those who do right will get what they want.

When the storm is over, sinners are gone.
    But those who do right stand firm forever.

Those who don’t want to work hurt those who send them.
    They are like vinegar on the teeth or smoke in the eyes.

Having respect for the Lord leads to a longer life.
    But the years of evil people are cut short.

Those who do right can expect joy.
    But the hopes of sinners are bound to fail.

The way of the Lord is a safe place for those without blame.
    But that way destroys those who do evil.

Those who do right will never be removed from the land.
    But those who do wrong will not remain in it.

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