Proverbs 28:18-28

Walk straight—live well and be saved;
    a devious life is a doomed life.

Doing Great Harm in Seemingly Harmless Ways

Work your garden—you’ll end up with plenty of food;
    play and party—you’ll end up with an empty plate.

Committed and persistent work pays off;
    get-rich-quick schemes are ripoffs.

Playing favorites is always a bad thing;
    you can do great harm in seemingly harmless ways.

A miser in a hurry to get rich
    doesn’t know that he’ll end up broke.

In the end, serious reprimand is appreciated
    far more than bootlicking flattery.

Anyone who robs father and mother
    and says, “So, what’s wrong with that?”
    is worse than a pirate.

A grasping person stirs up trouble,
    but trust in God brings a sense of well-being.

If you think you know it all, you’re a fool for sure;
    real survivors learn wisdom from others.

Be generous to the poor—you’ll never go hungry;
    shut your eyes to their needs, and run a gauntlet of curses.

When corruption takes over, good people go underground,
    but when the crooks are thrown out, it’s safe to come out.

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